May 2011

In 2008, I had blogged about a Chinese brown dog trying to save its deceased partner after a traffic accident. A few days a go I have stumbled onto the actual video footage in YouTube. The video is more moving than words. Here is the link:

The following is another incident about two stray dogs. The female dog was killed on the road and the brown male dog tried desperately to “revive” her. The video was broadcasted in Chinese TV and touched the hearts of millions.

The Chinese subtitles at the end of the video explain that the helper had fed the male dog a sausage. He ate half and stuffed the remaining half into the mouth of the deceased dog. The helper then poured some water into his mouth. He licked the mouth of the female dog. Eventually the male dog was exhausted trying to “revive” his partner.   Helplessly, he lay on top of the female dog.

Later, the volunteer helper had found a tree near a farm house, dug a one foot deep grave and buried the female dog under the watchful eyes of the male dog.

Proper burial or disposal of deceased animal or roadkill is good for one’s karma too.

Cats also grief like dogs. Here is a video showing a cat trying to revive its partner with its paws for hours.

Animals grief too.

Ken Lai

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The following is an extract from the chapter “Client-based favorable element testing” in my “Destiny and Luck Management: Basic Bazi Therapy and Enhancement” course. 

Sometimes we run into situation that the favorable and unfavorable elements (“yong-shen” and “chou-shen“; aka “useful god” and “annoying god”) derived from standard Bazi techniques does not match the life experience of the client.  Other scenario is client’s chart is a tough one to decipher such as the one that is in the borderline of either fake follow or fake extreme strong profile.  Another scenario is: when we said favorable element or good luck period—client thinks that he must be hitting the lottery or making tons of money if it is a “good luck period”.  People have different definitions of “good” and “bad” luck. 

To overcome these “definition of realities” problems, we have designed a “Life Experience Decoder Questionnaire”.  This questionnaire can calculate client’s “subjective” luck experience down to 6-months interval.  By “subjective” we mean the evaluation of  “good” and “bad” luck is based on client’s own subjective rating.

The results found from this questionnaire will match client’s own subjective life experience.  This should be a more accurate reflection of how a client interprets his own destiny even though outsiders or objective observers may have a different interpretation.  This method may not work well with client younger than 20 years old due to his relative short life history.  But it  gives better results with older clients.

This questionnaire is simple to administer, even without the supervision of the practitioner. Another advantage of this questionnaire is that the client can use the results to predict future lucks by filling in the scores in terms of favorable and unfavorable elements in the future year slots.

Ken Lai

“Destiny & Luck Mgmt: Basic Bazi Therapy & Enhancement” w/ 18 hr. HD video
“Destiny &  Luck Mgmt.: Advanced Bazi Therapy & Enhancement” w/ 18 hr. HD video
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“Practical Imperial Qi-men-Dun-Jia” w/ 11 hr. video
“Advanced Practical Imperial Qi-men-Dun-Jia” w/ 18 hr. video
“Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui & Blessing” v.2 w/ 24 hr video
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NOTE: In 2009, I have posted “Translations of 4P or Bazi Terms” article.  It becomes one of the most read message.  People found it helpful to the understanding of the so-called “10 Gods” or transformation stars, especial those who have studied with different Bazi teachers using different terminologies.  The article is a subset of the Appendix section of my “4P Bootcomp” video course.  Here I post the whole Appendix with more information below.

There are no commonly agreed translations of 4P terms. Different schools or teachers translate 4P terms according to his/her personal preferences. There are three major rules used in translations:

1. Literal translations: This simply gives a faithful and very often, horrible (in terms of culture shock) translations of the terms. For examples, “shi-shen” is translated as “eating god”, “qi-sha” becomes “7-killings”, “shang-guan” becomes “hurting officials or officers” and the likes. Problem with literal translations is that it may bias student perceptions towards certain terms as “bad” or negative because it sounds horrible. In reality, every one of the “10 gods” or ‘transformation stars” (my terminology) can be positive or negative depending on the composition of the 4P chart. Another common misconception is the ubiquitous uses of the term “god” in 4P, like “useful god” (yong shen), “enmity god” (chou shen) and the like, making 4P sound “religious” when it is actually more statistical and logical in nature.

2. Pin-yin translations: This gives a transliteration of the 4P terms like “shi-shen”, “zheng-guan” and etc. It takes some time to get used to these foreign terms. But it is great when you go back to the original Chinese texts or switching teachers/school.

3. Translation based on interpreted meanings:
This translates the 4P terms based on the understanding of the translator. For example, shi-shen and shang-guan are translated as “output” stars. But different people have different understanding of the terms, so the translations can sometimes be confusing and shocking as well. Good translations under this should be “value-free” or NOT “value-laden”. It should also give meanings that are faithful or close to the original meanings of the terms. The translated terms should not influence the perception of the readers and students.

4. Mixing of all of the above

The following examples are the common translations of 4P’s “10 gods” or “transformation stars”: 

Diagram showing the productive cycle of 10 transformation stars (blue or hollow arrows for productive cycle and black arrows for controlling cycle).  If you understand the dynamics of this diagram, you already know 60%+ of 4P.  Most 4P operations revolves around this diagram.
Jie-cai 劫财
Ken: JC, +peer (“+” stands for polarity “yang“, not necessarily means positive!)
Others: rob wealth, competitor, unfriendly parallel, contender-star, unfriendly partner
Bi-jian 比肩
Ken: BJ, -peer (“-” stands for polarity “yin“, not necessarily means negative!)
Others: friend, collegue, unfriendly parallel, friend-star, friendly buddy 
Zheng-cai 正财 
Ken: ZC,  +wealth— direct wealth, wealth, proper wealth, earned wealth, earned property, property-star, possession 
Pian-cai 偏财
Ken: PC, –wealth
Others: indirect wealth, wealth, unbecoming wealth, unexpected wealth, unexpected property, windfall star, godsend wealth, unexpected possession 
Zheng-yin 正印
Ken: ZY, +resource
Others: direct resource, resource/education, proper resource, main funds, proper care, mother-star, willingly nourished
Pian-yin 偏印
Ken: PY, –resource
Others: indirect resource, resource/education, unbecoming resource, unexpected funds, unbecoming care, guardian star, unwillingly nourished
Shang-guan 伤官
Ken: SG, +output
Others: hurting officer, intelligence/aspirations, drastic ouput, actor-star, offending-star, harsh output
Shi-shen 食神
Ken: SS, –output
Others: eating god, intelligence/aspirations, gracious output, artist-star, food-star, emotional IQ
Zheng-guan 正官
Ken: ZG, +power
Others: direct officer, power/status, proper power, discipline, angel star, the obedience
Qi-sha 七杀
Ken: QS, –power
Others: 7-killings, power/status, unbecoming power, unbecoming discipline, evil star, the stern
Five Stem Combinations (天干五合)
— combinations
Stem Clashes (天干相剋 )“ke” 
— clashes and countering
Six Branch Combinations (地支六合) ”he” 
— combinations 
Six Branch Clashes (地支六冲) “chong”
— clashes
Branch 3-Meeting (地支三会) “san hui” 
— frame, directional combinations, regional combinations 
Branch 3-Unity (地支三合)  “san he”
— 3-harmony, triangular branch combinations, 60-degrees combinations
Half 3-Unity (半地支三合) “san he” 
— semi/half 3-harmony
Branch Six Harms (地支六害) “hai” 
— harms
Earthly Branch Six Damages (地支六破) “po” 
— destruction
Branch 3-Penalties (地支三刑) “san xing” 
— punishment
Branch Self-penalties  (自刑) “zi xing” 
— self-punishment  
Favorable element (“Yong Shen”)用神 
— “useful god”: the element that a chart needs most
Unfavorable element (“Ji Shen” )忌神 
— “annoying god”:  the element that hurts a chart most
Supporting element (“Xi Shen” )喜神 
— “happy god”:  the element that nurtures the favorable element
Vengeful  element (“Chou Shen” )仇神 
— “vengeance god”:  the element that nurtures the unfavorable element
Trivial  element (“Xian Shen” )閑神 
— “trivial god”:  the element that does not affect Day-master much 
Transformation platform (“Fa Shen”) 化神
— “transformation god”:  the element needed for combination and transformation to take place 
Extreme strong 专旺格
w/ Extreme wood曲直格, Extreme fire炎上格, Extreme earth稼墙格, Extreme metal從革格, Extreme water 潤下格
— ultra-strong
Extreme weak 從弱格
w/ Follow wealth , Follow sha (power) 杀格, Follow offspring從兒格, Follow the powerful 從势格
— ultra-weak
Follow the strong 從强格
— follow strength
Qi-transformation 化氣格
JIA-JI EARTH transformation甲己化土格
YI-GENG METAL transformation乙庚化金格
BING-SHEN WATER transformation丙辛化水格
DING-REN WOOD transformation丁壬化木格
WU-GUI FIRE transformation戊癸化火格
— qi-transformation

My personal bias is trying to make the translated terms as neutral as possible, so as not influencing the reader’s perception. Each of these 10 “stars” or “gods” can be positive or negative depending on the combination of the natal chart and luck periods.

I do not mean other translations are not as “good” or “horrible” as mine. Translations reflect the worldviews, command of the Chinese language and mental conditions of the translators.

Ken Lai

“Destiny & Luck Mgmt: Basic Bazi Therapy & Enhancement” w/ 18 hr. HD video
“Destiny & Luck Mgmt.: Advanced Bazi Therapy & Enhancement” w/ 18 hr. HD video
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My last message discusses the influence of Feng Shui on Bin Laden’s death and skipped the destiny and karma aspects.  This message will focus on the astrological aspects using Chinese Bazi astrology using Laden’s birth day and hour.

Bazi or “4-Pillars of Destiny” translates one’s birthday and hour into 5-elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.  By analysing the proportions, combinations and interactions between within one’s birth chart, we can explain why some events happened and predict what will happen.

OBAMA VS. BIN LADEN:  metal ox vs. fire rooster
The epic struggle between “righteous and evil” bought  President Obama and Bin Laden into a direct confrontation (note: both claim to be the righteous side).  Let’s check their current luck by examining their 4-pillars charts.  Don’t worry if you do not know Bazi terminology.  There will be “plain language” explanations after listing the charts.

YEAR: DING-YOU (fire-metal; clashing 2011 Grand Duke)
MONTH: GUI-MAO (water-wood; fan-yin with current 10-year luck)
DAY:  XIN-SI  (metal-fire)
HOUR:  GUI-SI (water-fire)

CURRENT 10-YEAR LUCK:  DING-YOU (fu-yin year-pillar, fan-yin month-pillar)
2011 ANNUAL LUCK: XIN-MAO (fan-yin 10-year luck and  year-pillar)

Many people had read Bin Linden’s chart before, so we will only focus on his current luck.  He  is a strong xin metal.  His favorable elements (yong-shen) are: fire, wood and water.  Unfavorable elements are: earth and metal.  Bin Laden’s current 10-year luck are ding-you (fire-metal) and 2011 annual luck is xin-mao (metal-wood).  Therefore half of the current luck elements are unfavorable.  But just looking at favorable/unfavorable elements is not enough.  We have to check the interactions between luck pillars and the pillars within the natal chart.

Here are Bin Laden’s destiny problems in 2011:
1.  Year pillar is identical to 10-year luck pillar (fu-yin)
— this can be positive or negative, but negative in the long run
2.  10-year luck pillar fights with month pillar (fan-yin)
— this is very serious as month branch is the “dam” of the chart, can be death for people over 50
3.  10-year luck pillar fights with 2011 annual luck pillar (fan-yin)
— prone to accident/injury and obstacles

In summary, 4 out of 6 pillars in his chart are “shaken” and his “dam” is clashed.  His animal sign rooster also clashes the Grand Duke or ruler of the year (rabbit). Something will happen even if there is no raid.

The date he died was a strong earth day which is not good for strong metal.  The way he died reflects ding-you fu-yinDing stands for fire, eye and heart in BaziDing-you is his year pillar and located in the left side of a traditional Bazi chart.  Bullet is small metal (you-metal).  One bullet blew his left eye away and one bullet hit his chest (likely to be his heart).

OBAMA 4P CHART  (short form!)
YEAR: XIN-CHOU (metal-earth)
MONTH: YI-WEI  (wood-earth)
DAY:  JI-SI  (earth-fire)
HOUR:  JIA-XU  (wood-earth)

CURRENT 10-YEAR LUCK:  GENG-YIN  (metal-wood)
2011 ANNUAL LUCK:  XIN-MAO  (metal-wood)

Obama is a strong earth, likes metal, wood and water and dislikes earth and fire.  The date he ordered action was not good for strong earth.  But Obama’s current 10-year luck is geng-yin  (metal-wood) with annual luck xin-mao (metal-wood)— all are his favorable elements.  But the major differences between his current luck and Bin Laden’s are:  Obama has no major clashes or fighting action in the pillars (other than the clash between year and month pillar, which was born with.  Bin Laden had the same situation. So both of them had divorced parents at early age).

The person with better curernt luck won the cat and mouse game.  It is a game over for Bin Laden.

If Bin Laden had escaped this raid, he probably could last till 2017 or ding-you (fire-metal) year. 

The Navy Seals? Obama? Karma? Fate? Feng Shui? Bin Laden himself? I do not have the exact answer.

Some people on the web argued that bad Feng Shui has killed Bin Laden. We could have fired CIA and let Feng Shui masters do the assassination jobs if Feng Shui were so powerful. Do you remember the Chinese saying about destiny — “Fate first, luck second and Feng Shui third“?  I would think Feng Shui at most contribute  20- 30% to his demise.

In Bin Laden’s case, Feng Shui and personal luck were synchronized.  My experience always finds bad personal luck associates with bad Feng Shui most of the time.  My past blog had written about firing your Feng Shui guy if you think your current luck is great (and hiring one if your luck sucks!).

How about karma?  This is a sensitive subject and we prefer not touching it since different people have different ideas about Bin Laden’s role in all these global events.

Mono-causal theory could not explain the forces behind Bin Laden’s death. A combination of the factors listed here— fate, karma, Obama, Feng Shui and Bin Laden himself, would probably explain it, though people may assign different weight to each factor.

Personally, I would give Feng Shui 20- 30% influence, fate and luck 60% and the balance is karma.  Karma reward or retribution do not necessarily happen in current lifetime but can be carried over to next life or even spread across a few lifetimes.

Ken Lai

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“Destiny & Luck Mgmt.: Advanced Bazi Therapy & Enhancement” w/ 18 hr. HD video
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Osama Bin Laden’s hideout compound in Pakistan illustrates some principles of classical Chinese Form Feng Shui. 

Floorplan of Laden’s hideout compound, click to enlarge

The compound plot shape is an imperfect  triangle.  The big triangle can further be distinguished into 3 smaller triangles and one imperfect square where the main residence is built.

According to Form Feng Shui, the “5-element” nature of triangle is fire.  House on a triangular plot is prone to violence, injuries, fire, sickness, lawsuits, bad luck, dwindling wealth and accidents.  This is due to energy or qi  distribution is uneven on a triangular plot.

How do Feng Shui experts fix a plot like this one?  Amazingly, the remedy is “almost” there in Laden’s compound. The designer of this house has partitioned the plot into different sections with the main residential area shaped into a square.  He could have done a good Feng Shui fix IF he was not preoccupied with privacy and security.  He has reshaped the plot back into a giant triangle by building connecting walls on the triangular plot. Is this karma or not?

Normal and simple Feng Shui fix would have been simply planting lots of trees on the triangle sections to mask out the negative Feng Shui effect.


Landforms of the hideout, click to enlarge

Based on the data from the New York Times, Laden’s hideout compound is approximately facing NNW or largely North.  Bin Laden was known for having kidney problem.  Kidney problem is related to water energy within the human body. North is water in nature according to Chinese Feng Shui.  So unconsciously he had lived in a house with a facing direction beneficial for him.  Yet the house shape of the compound is fire in nature.

Photo showing back-support mountain

The surrounding landform of the house has all the “4-animals” of classical Feng Shui.  It has back support moutain or black turtle at the back (south), green dragon mountains at the left (west) and white tiger mountains in the right (east). However, the white tiger mountains are huge and dominant and green dragon mountains are the weakest.

Green dragon stands for “noblemen” or helpful people.  White tiger stands for “mean people” or people who make your life (or Bin Laden’s) miserable.  From the landform we can deduced that Laden had some support but  people who are against him are much stronger.

“What can you do to fix this landform Feng Shui Problem?”  The answer is simple if done on paper. Simply turn the base of the triangle facing east or have the back of the house facing east and facing of the house to west side.  This will convert the original white tiger into extreme strong back support, the old back support into stronger green dragon and turns the white tiger into a tiny pussy cat.

Satellite photo of Linden’s hideout.  Click to enlarge

Chinese Feng Shui asserts that living environment affects the well-being and behaviors of its residents. Its residents will in turn shape or reflect the Feng Shui nature of the environment. The satellite photos of Laden’s hideout compound give stunning reflection of this Feng Shui principle.

At first glance, the satellite photo does not seem exciting other than seeing a triangular compound. With a little imagination and “Feng Shui eye”, you will see quite a few “knives” around the compound.  Triangles can be considered as knives too, but here we just look at the knife-shaped areas.

Satellite photo pointing at the “hidden knives”.  Click to enlarge

In Form Feng Shui, knife-shaped forms stand for bloody events, fighting, surgery and even deaths. If the house is on the “blade” of a knife form, the individual represented by that direction will likely be affected.

The satellite photo on the left shows a long army knife cutting into the southwest corner. Southwest side represents older woman or wife of the house.  In the raid, it is reported that one of Laden’s wives was killed.

A chopping knife blade cuts into the northeast side of the plot.  Northeast stands for the younger son.  One of Laden’s sons was killed.

The compound is part of a big cleaver form. Click to enlarge

Last but not the least,  if you look carefully, the land plot of Bin Laden’s compound is part of a big cleaver knife.  He was lucky that the main residence is built on the upper part of the knife and not on the blade. That may explain why he could hide there for five to six years.

Is it bad Feng Shui, karma, fate or President Obama?  For the time being, we keep things simple by looking only at Feng Shui part.  Other factors will be discussed in another message.

According to Wikipedia, “Osama consistently dwelt on the need for violent jihad to right what he believed were injustices against Muslims perpetrated by the United States and sometimes by other non-Muslim states.”  So he believes in using violence to change the world.  And amazingly, the nearby Feng shui or environment of his hideout compound reflects his belief.  This could be an example of individual’s power in affecting Feng Shui environment.  With so many knife-forms hidden, his hideout compound can be named as “Knife Vein“. Knife stands for violence and bloody events.

Bad Feng Shui land forms like this one normally will unlesh its negative effects within 3 to 6 years of residency. Osama should have left the compound after 5 years at the most.  Another possible fix would be purchasing the triangular shaped farmland in the east side and merge it with existing plot to form an imperfect rectangle and hence getting rid of the triangular shape.

In conclusion, bad Feng Shui is partially responsible for Osama bin Laden’s demise.  Come back here to check out the destiny part of the equation.

Ken Lai

“Destiny & Luck Mgmt: Basic Bazi Therapy & Enhancement” w/ 18 hr. HD video
“Destiny & Luck Mgmt.: Advanced Bazi Therapy & Enhancement” w/ 18 hr. HD video
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