My previous post discusses about using Chinese 5-elements theory to predict World Cup soccer results based on team jersey colors.  With the winding down of World Cup matches,  we have more data to further test the theory.

I will use only elimination matches to test the theory because the calibers or capabilities of the teams left are more uniform than the start of 32 teams.  The followings are the results:

Correct predictions based on jersey color:  6 or 75%
Incorrect predictions:  2 or 25%
— incorrectly predicted matches are: BRA vs. CHI and GER vs ENG   

Correct predictions based on jersey color: 3 or 75%
Incorrect predictions: 1 or 25%
— incorrectly predicted matches are: NED vs. BRA

Correct predictions based on jersey color: 1 or 50%
Incorrect predictions: 1 or 50%
— incorrectly predicted matches are: URU vs. NED

The data shows with 8 teams or more, the accuracy of the 5-elements theory can be up to 75%.  Other hidden data not shown here is that the more equal (in terms of caliber) of the teams in a match, the higher probability that jersey color will determine the outcome of the match.  For example, the semi-final match between Spain (red jersey or fire) and Germany (white jersey or metal)– fire burns metal and so Germany lost the match.  Jersey color that controls or drains the opponent’s “qi” or energy will have a 5- 10% upperhand or advantage, 

Jersey color will not help if the capability differentials of the teams involved are too great.  It helps when both teams are at similar performance level.

“Ken, is there anything that one can do to overcome this color advantage if one’s team is assigned with a weak color?”

Sure, there are remedies or cures to handle it, but you need  to take my class to learn it.  There are also other Chinese metaphysics methods that will enhance the “qi” of a team or person by 10- 25%.  My new “Destiny Management” courses can easily be applied to sports and competition scenarios.

As to the final World Cup match, if I am not mistaken, normally one team will wear red or orange jersey and the other wear blue or white color.  Here are my predictions:

  • If it is red or orange jersey vs. white jersey,  the red team will win.
  • If it is red or orange jersey vs. blue or black jersey, the blue or black team will win.

Before making these predictions, I have eaten an octopus from England which was rumored to be a close relative of Paul the Octopus in Germany.  I hope this will increase my predictive accuracy.

Ken Lai

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