November 2010

The adage “Blessed land is resided by blessed people” ( 福地福人居) is well-known in Feng Shui circle.  It implies “blessed land” is invariably resided by “blessed people”.
“Blessed land” means land with good Feng Shui.  “Blessed people” refers to two categories of people– virtuous people with good luck or people who are currently in good luck.
The same adage with the subject and object reversed becomes “Blessed people reside in blessed land” ( 福人居福地).  The meaning differs greatly.  Here “blessed people” means strictly virtuous people.  The land in “blessed land” becomes “blessed” because “blessed people” reside on it.  In other words, blessed people influence or nurture the Feng Shui of the land on which they reside.
Most of the time, Feng Shui people over-emphasize the influence of Feng Shui (land) over residents and neglect that residents can also influence Feng Shui of the land energetically (spiritually) and physically.
I have written before about when to fire your Feng Shui master (when someone is in good luck period).  Here you may add if someone is virtuous or with strong positive energy (if you can sense energy), s/he can pick a house without the help a Feng Shui master.
In reality, most of us are neither “virtuous” nor always in good luck.  So you may want to find a house with good Feng Shui to nurture you or enhance your personal qi (energy).  Alternatively, you may take my “Destiny and Luck Management course” to enhance your luck energy with 4P and Feng Shui techniques.  With higher luck energy, you may improve your house hunting luck and other luck in general.

Ken Lai

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“Can we change our destiny and luck?”

The answer to this question will depend on who you ask. Motivational gurus may tell you to be a fire-walker to “rewire” your convoluted brain.  “Think positive” people may tell you to “think and get it!”  Religious people may tell you to “repent your sins” or do charity works…. All these may have a certain degree of validity in changing one’s destiny and luck.

This question arouses my curiosity because of my 4P (Bazi) clients. They always ask if anything could be done to upcoming disasters/misfortunes as predicted by their 4P charts.

Traditional Bazi does not have much on misfortune or luck management tips other than advising you to sit tight, avoid taking risk/ traveling during a “low luck” period and “go all the way” when luck is on the upswing.

Instead of waiting passively for our fate, are there any methods that can actively “manage” the inherent problems of our 4P charts and the ups and downs of our luck periods? This bring us back to the original question– “Can we change our destiny and luck?”

Yours truly me is not satisfied with the one-dimensional explanations of the motivational and positive-thinking gurus nor the morality-laden explanations of the religious folks. We have seen many motivated or “positive-minded” people failed and unmotivated people built “accidental empires“.  We have also seen many benevolent people suffered or died tragically and mean people live to 100.  All these point to one aspect— people have different “luck” or “yun” as in Chinese.  Luck may be independent or just loosely related to motivation/ intention and morality.

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, luck is a force that brings good fortune or adversity” or “ the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual”. In other words, luck is also a form of energy.

One of the biggest questions in Bazi is: do people with the same birthday and hour share the same destiny? According to statistics, there are 200 babies born every minute around the world.  Will the babies born in the same minute have the same life chances or destiny?  The answer is pretty obvious or we should have 200 President Obama or Bush.

The possible answer to this Bazi question of whether people with the same birth chart share the same destiny indirectly answers our question of “Can we change our destiny and luck?”

I have researched this question for five years and isolated the factors giving rises to different destiny for people with the same birth charts.  These factors are also the ones that affect people’s luck energy.  By manipulating factors that can affect these luck energies, we can change our luck and destiny to a certain extent.

The results of this 5-years research and testing are the “Destiny and Luck Management” course series.  The first two courses are available now with special promotional prices (please check for details).  Below is some highlights.  You may email me at for a 25 pages PDF file with “Table of Contents” of the manuals, DVD menus and screen captures.


  • First course of this kind released to non-Chinese readers and speake
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  • This course does NOT fight destiny but exploiting the rules of nature (or heaven) to change and enhance your destiny
  • This course helps you proactively taking charge of your destiny and not waiting passively for fate to strike
  • This course helps you to swim with the “destiny sharks” without being eaten alive and hopefully harvesting some  shark fins for soup
  • This basic course is designed for people with minimal Bazi knowledge and can work independently without taking  the advanced version
  • Provides systematic and structured approach to figure out DM strength and profile
  • Innovative “client-based favorable element” testing questionnaire
  • Provides super concise date-selection methods to enhance treatment effects
  • Includes 22 detailed case studies and numerous examples to show the hidden secrets of destiny and luck management
  • Provides quick and easy ways to spot 4P chart problems and HOW to fix them with simple remedies and  inexpensive cures
  • Remedies and cures can be totally non-religious and energy-based
  • Numerous hard to find and rare high level Bazi techniques revealed
  • On-going support and updates through online private discussion group
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  • Course manual has 115 pages. It would have been over 200 pages if standard 12 point-sized fonts were  used. There is also a 112 pages Reference Manual with many useful 4P and Feng Shui info comes with the Basic course.
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  • “Bazi Feng Shui” secrets revealed
  • Fortune-telling using 12 life-stages
  • Handles areas that cannot be touched by the “Basic Bazi Therapy” course
  • Detailed and indepth coverage on “mate/ partner selection”
  • Find the best location of a house based on one’s birth month and day
  • Additional advanced Bazi knowledge
  • Includes 15 detailed case studies and numerous examples which integrate both Bazi and pertinent Feng Shui  knowledge
  • Course manual has 124 pages. It would have been over 200 pages if standard 12 point-sized fonts were used.

Ken Lai