From Yahoo news–  an 80 years old Illinois man who distrusts banks,  “had kept his life savings of $13,000 sewn inside the lining of one of his suits.”  He “accidentally gave away his entire life savings when making a clothing donation to his local Goodwill.   He is currently appealing for the money’s return so that he can care for his wife, who has Stage 4 cancer.”

Is this another case of  “no good deed goes unpunished“?

There are past news about some good Samaritans had helped victims of accidents and ended up being sued for causing injuries to the victims.  There are similar scenarios that sometimes we do our friends or family members some favors and get blames instead of gratitude. Sometimes it may be due to our over-zealousness to help or please.  But some people somehow always get reprimanded no matter how hard they try to please or being considerate.

People who get “no gratitude” (like Rodney Dangerfield’s “no respect”) from others even though they have done nice things to them, have a certain feature in their Bazi or 4-pillars charts.  They are likely to have “Zi-Mao Penalty” or their annual luck and/or 10-year luck form a “Zi-Mao Penalty“.

Zi-Mao Penalty is also called “Penalty of ingratitude” because “Zi” is water  and “Mao” is wood  in Bazi.  Water feeds or nurtures wood.  So wood should show gratitude towards water.  But if wood refuses to be nurtured or over-nurtured, it becomes “ungrateful“.

People with Zi-Mao Penalty in their 4P charts are likely to suffer “no good deed goes unpunished“. They are also likely to be back-stabbed by the very people they have helped.   So they feel unhappy and think the world is unfair.

How do people with Zi-Mao Penalty  maintain their sanity?  My advice is: “no ask, no help“.  Don’t volunteer to help without being asked to.  Stay away from helping people during Zi (rat) and Mao (rabbit) years except in life and death situations or making donations to charity organizations.  Otherwise, they are likely to get ingratitude and back-stabbing and suffer mental anguish.

Ken Lai

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