January 2014

This post is based on last year’s “Grand Duke Talisman charity drive” with updates for 2014.

This year we have a special treat– a very unique and graphic Grand Duke talisman drawn by an old Daoist Master from Dragon-tiger mountain, the holy site of Daoism in China.  This is so rare that I do not post the image here. It will be a collector’s item.

If you have read my old message about functions of Grand Duke, you know that there are two Grand Dukes watching over your shoulder, counting the good and bad deeds that you have done and executing rewards and misfortunes accordingly. This is a major rationale that donation to get your Grand Duke talisman.  When your talisman is grounded with a charitable deed, GD is less likely to execute any misfortunes due from your karma account. Another rationale for donation is exchange of energy– using a charitable deed in exchange of protection energy from Grand Duke.

2014 is Jia-wu or year of wood-horse. Grand Duke for the year is General Zhang Ci who was a civil officer in Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644).  Zhang was known for his knowledge in the classics and intelligence.  He had ruled by setting examples of humility and frugality.

Jia-wu or year of  Wood-horse can be very dangerous for people with Bazi chart that dislikes fire because Jia-wu is strong fire energy.  Fire is especially dangerous for virtually any element, even for water.  Fire and water clash may cause sickness and accidents.  Too much fire burning earth may cause cancer.  Howver, charts that like fire will enjoy strong luck for this year.

Wu-horse clashes Zi-rat. Zi, Wu, Mao and You are the 4-cardinal elements which are regarded as “peach-blossom” elements.  When Wu clashes Zi,  it stands for illicit romance.  Keep an eye on your spouse or lover if s/he has a Zi-wu clash in his/her Bazi chart.

Here are the four groups of people who need Grand Duke Talismans:

1. “Fu-yin” or same animal sign of Grand Duke 值太岁– people with HORSE sign
Birth years: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002
Symptoms: obstacles, stagnation or running “reverse” instead of forward and not suitable for travels.

2. “Fan-yin” or “clashing” the animal sign of Grand Duke 冲太岁– people with RAT sign
Birth years: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008
Symptoms: big fluctuations in luck, accident, sickness, surgery, losing competitions/wealth, moving, death, changing job

3. “Hai” or “harming” the animal sign of Grand Duke 害太岁– people with OX sign
Birth years: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009
Symptoms: backstabbing at work, and success slips away in the last minute

4. “Po” or “breaking” the animal sign of Grand Duke 破太岁– people with RABBIT sign
Birth years: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011
Symptoms: legal problems, accidents, injuries by knife, low luck and personal safety problems

If your house faces Wu mountain or South direction, you need to put up a Grand Duke talisman facing that direction and avoid construction, earth-digging and demolition there.

If your desk or wherever you sit for an extended time faces Wu mountain or South direction, you can put up a Grand Duke talisman there for protection.  It is not auspicious to face the Grand Duke direction.  It weakens your competition power in business/career and examinations.  However, if you arrange your seat so that South will be at your back (and put a Grand Duke talisman there), you will get Grand Duke as support and is good for competition and business.

The offer is: your charity donation of US$30 or more to any legitimate local or international charity will get you a specially blessed Grand Duke talisman. Here are some examples of donations already done:
homeless shelter

  • Save-the-Children (http://www.savethechildren.org)
  • UNICEF (United Nation Children’s Fund)
  • Smile Train (www.smiletrain.org)
  • children hospital
  • food shelves/soup kitchen
  • Red Cross
  • animal protection shelter
  • homeless shelter

Donation made to help alleviate an urgent human/ animal need or suffering (e.g., feeding the hungry, tornado/ typhoon victims or homeless) gets you more karma credits than donation for public good or improvement of public life like church/ temple or public radio/TV.

If you are worried about privacy issues and future solicitations– please be assured that I will not email you in the future other than sending a note that your talisman is sent. You will send me NO money. You send your money directly to your favorite local or international charity. You do not even need to pay me postage. You do NOT need to purchase any additional item from me or anyone else. No future solicitation of any type will be sent to you.  This offer is for people who have no access to Daoist temples.  Please support your local temple if you have access to one.

If you need more than one Grand Duke Talismans, here is the discount schedule:

–one talisman US$30 donation (US$5 if you are unemployed/under-employed)
 –two talismans US$50 donation ($10 if unemployed /under-employed )
 –three talismans US$60 donation ($15 if unemployed /under-employed )
(you may go to http://www.xe.com to calculate the equivalent of US$30 to your local currency)

Talisman that is grounded with a charitable event works more effectively because it has an exchange of one type of energy for protection energy.

All talismans sent are individually purified, bless and stamped with the seal of a major deity.  The ritual itself normally has a suggested donation of US$50- 100.

To claim your talismans and application instructions, please forward your donation receipt with the talisman recipient names and address to: kenlai88@yahoo.com

All talisman claims will be sent by First Class mail in USA and air-mail outside USA.

Get your Grand Duke Talismans before Feb. 4, 2013 if possible.

Thank you for participating in this drive.

Ken Lai


email: kenlai88@yahoo.com

This is a “green” article recycled from last year with updates.  If you are darn lazy, just read the following picture and go back to your nap.

2014 is Jia-wu or year of Wood-horse.  Horse is fire in nature in the Chinese zodiac. So this year is strong in fire energy with wood as energy source.  Any idiot Chinese astrologer is able to predict there will be many forest fire, explosions and fire related disasters.   2013 Gui-si year (water-snake, snake is fire in nature) is characterized by both flooding and fire disasters.

We use the annual Feng Shui chart to evaluate the yearly movements of Feng Shui energies. This chart is based on Purple White Method which holds that 1,6, 8 and 9-star locations are auspicious. 2-black sickness and 5-yellow disaster star locations are inauspicious.

San-sha (3-killings) is in Hai, Zi and Chou mountains (North) this year.  5-yellow disaster star is in Northwest.  So Hai mountain (NWN) has 5-yellow overlapping there.  Avoid construction or digging there at all cost.  You don’t want to piss off San-sha and 5-yellow at the same time.

It is OK to face San Sha direction but NOT sit on them. Traditional fix for San Sha is a pair of ki-lun figurines. But if you cannot get or afford ki-lun, you may use a sword-waving archangel St. Michael figurine or picture instead.  Fix for 5-yellow is metal or coin-salt solution.

Tai Sui or Grand Duke is at Wu mountain or the South. Avoid movements or put up a Grand Duke talisman if your door sits in the south side (check next blog on how to get the talisman).  It is auspicious to sit with Grand Duke at your back but NOT facing him.  Sui-po or year-breaker is at Zi (N) mountain. Avoid movements, digging, drilling and constructions in these locations.

Minimalist Feng Shui”  here fixes only 2-5, 5-5, and 9-5 star combinations in regions with activities.  You don’t need to put up remedies or Feng Shui monsters in all 9-palaces of your house, especially in region of no activity like storage room and guest room.

Yang nobleman sign for this year is Wei (ram).  Yin nobleman is Chou (ox).

You should do a good date-selection if you need to do construction in any of the above locations (mountains/ palace) or better doing it before end of the current year (before Feb. 4, 2014).

People with rat and horse zodiac sign should avoid seeing corpse being put into a coffin or burial for this year.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ken Lai

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