This intends to be a straight forward “just do it” Feng Shui guide for 2009 with little or no explanation.

The annual chart for 2009 is: (top is south, bottom is north)

8 4 6
7 9 2
3 5 1SE with 8-star (auspicious location)
PUT: light or red items to energize this sector
AVOID: major electric appliance and movements
NOTE: The “annual sha” of San Sha (3-killings) is here (in Chen mountain) and the vicious “5-tiger sha” is in Xun mountain.

EAST with 7-star (inauspicious location)
PUT:  a bowl of stationary water or water-based plant
AVOID: major electric appliance or moving water
NOTE: The “disaster sha” of San Sha (3-killings) is here (in Mao mountain)

NE with 3-star (inauspicious location)
PUT: use red object to neutralize the 3-star
AVOID: metal objects or movements
NOTE: The “robber sha” of San Sha (3-killings) is here (in Yin mountain). Grand Duke is here (in Chou mountain), no constructions here

SOUTH with 4-star (auspicious location)
PUT: water-based plant to enhance academic stuff or career
AVOID: major electric appliance

CENTER with 9-star
PUT: metal objects
AVOID: water-based plant

NORTH with 5-star (inauspicious location)
PUT: brass or copper object with wet earth, or coin/salt solution
AVOID: major electric appliance, moving water, fishtank

SW with 6-star (auspicious location)
PUT: earth, jade, crystal or award medals to enhance career star
AVOID: moving water, fishtank
NOTE: Year-breaker or Sui-Po is here (in Wei mountain)

WEST with 2-star (inauspicious location)
PUT: 8 copper coins or metal object
AVOID: moving water, fishtank, big plants

NW with 1-star (auspicious location)
PUT: clock or fan to enhance career star
AVOID: electric light, earth

You can check my Sept. blog post on “Advanced reminders for 2009 year of Ox” if you want to find out the rationale behind these fixes.

Merry X’mas!

Ken Lai

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