My last time writing on void lines was in 2002.  Time to do some green business.

When the facing degree of a house is at the borderline of two “mountains” (24 sectors defined in Feng Shui), it is called sitting on a void line.  House sitting on a void line does not collect “qi” that is essential for the prosperity and well-being of the residents.  For definitions and varieties of void lines, please read these old blog articles:


Some major effects of void lines are:

  • familial disharmony and divorces
  • fluctuating luck- big ups and down; bad wealth luck
  • legal problems and imprisonment
  • accidents and surgeries
  • nightmares, especially those involving ghosts and spirits
  • “seeing” spirits or ghosts even during daytime
  • unexpected and rare disasters like airline crash
  • stagnated career or business
  • disloyal or rebellious subordinates

Small void lines or the ones between 24 mountains are possible to fix by relocating doors and qi-paths.  Big void lines or the borderlines between two trigrams are not fixable.  The best cure is moving.

Ken Lai

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