September 2010

I come across a news report from China with the following heading:

“An extreme ugly Xu-zhou girl wants to sell a kidney for plastic surgery” ( 太醜徐州姑娘擬賣腎整容)

” Miss Wu-qian (pseudonym) of Jian-su province, a 25 years old Xu-zhou girl, considers her face look  too ugly.  She decides going to Nanjing to sell a kidney for plastic surgery.  Hopefully the operation will change her destiny.” (江蘇徐州25歲姑娘吳倩(化名)因自認為相貌過於醜陋,她決定到南京賣腎整容,希望藉此改變命運.)

Miss Wu has complained that she was lost to a pretty job applicant with a potential employer.  The employer even said in front of Wu to the other applicant, “Pretty! You are hired.”

Miss Wu apparently does not know organ-selling is illegal in China.  Other than her extreme financing, her reasoning is quite common in both  western and eastern societies.  Improving your physical looks or attraction with bigger boobs, whiter teeth, nose, hips and the likes, will improve your chances in life to get the jobs desired or a rich spouse.  In other words, improve your luck or destiny.

There is some validity on better physical appearance helps attracting opportunities.  But it is not absolute.  There are pretty or handsome people who do not get what they want in life too.  Why?  Everyone is born with different luck cycles!    One may go no where when his/her luck is low.  An ugly person may still get whatever he wants if his luck is on the high side.

Take Miss Wu for example, assuming she got her plastic surgery done,  looks pretty and goes for a job interview.  She may still get rejected for reason like “she is too pretty” because employer’s wife worry about potential affair.    This may happen if Miss Wu’s current luck is low.

In other words, people should check their current luck cycle before investing in expensive plastic surgery, “think positive” seminars, spiritual retreats, sweat lodge ceremony… and the like.

How do people check their luck cycle?  You may consult a Bazi or 4-Pillars reader or take my Destiny Management courses.  If whatever you do now turns against you and everything goes the other way, chances are your current luck is low.  You should avoid making major decisions and purchases during a low luck period.  However, this is a passive approach to handle low luck.  An active approach is taking the Destiny Management courses.  It helps you to predict both your good and bad luck periods.  It also shows you how to avoid misfortune, enhance your luck and create opportunities with inexpensive items and everyday objects.

Ken Lai

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These two courses can be seen as “applied 4P” that empowers people to take charge of their destiny and refuse to be the pawns of the Gods or slave of destiny.

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Ken Lai
Practical Date-Selection Methods (incl. XKDG) w/ 12 hr. video
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