The following is an extract from the chapter “Client-based favorable element testing” in my “Destiny and Luck Management: Basic Bazi Therapy and Enhancement” course. 

Sometimes we run into situation that the favorable and unfavorable elements (“yong-shen” and “chou-shen“; aka “useful god” and “annoying god”) derived from standard Bazi techniques does not match the life experience of the client.  Other scenario is client’s chart is a tough one to decipher such as the one that is in the borderline of either fake follow or fake extreme strong profile.  Another scenario is: when we said favorable element or good luck period—client thinks that he must be hitting the lottery or making tons of money if it is a “good luck period”.  People have different definitions of “good” and “bad” luck. 

To overcome these “definition of realities” problems, we have designed a “Life Experience Decoder Questionnaire”.  This questionnaire can calculate client’s “subjective” luck experience down to 6-months interval.  By “subjective” we mean the evaluation of  “good” and “bad” luck is based on client’s own subjective rating.

The results found from this questionnaire will match client’s own subjective life experience.  This should be a more accurate reflection of how a client interprets his own destiny even though outsiders or objective observers may have a different interpretation.  This method may not work well with client younger than 20 years old due to his relative short life history.  But it  gives better results with older clients.

This questionnaire is simple to administer, even without the supervision of the practitioner. Another advantage of this questionnaire is that the client can use the results to predict future lucks by filling in the scores in terms of favorable and unfavorable elements in the future year slots.

Ken Lai

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