Osama Bin Laden’s hideout compound in Pakistan illustrates some principles of classical Chinese Form Feng Shui. 

Floorplan of Laden’s hideout compound, click to enlarge

The compound plot shape is an imperfect  triangle.  The big triangle can further be distinguished into 3 smaller triangles and one imperfect square where the main residence is built.

According to Form Feng Shui, the “5-element” nature of triangle is fire.  House on a triangular plot is prone to violence, injuries, fire, sickness, lawsuits, bad luck, dwindling wealth and accidents.  This is due to energy or qi  distribution is uneven on a triangular plot.

How do Feng Shui experts fix a plot like this one?  Amazingly, the remedy is “almost” there in Laden’s compound. The designer of this house has partitioned the plot into different sections with the main residential area shaped into a square.  He could have done a good Feng Shui fix IF he was not preoccupied with privacy and security.  He has reshaped the plot back into a giant triangle by building connecting walls on the triangular plot. Is this karma or not?

Normal and simple Feng Shui fix would have been simply planting lots of trees on the triangle sections to mask out the negative Feng Shui effect.


Landforms of the hideout, click to enlarge

Based on the data from the New York Times, Laden’s hideout compound is approximately facing NNW or largely North.  Bin Laden was known for having kidney problem.  Kidney problem is related to water energy within the human body. North is water in nature according to Chinese Feng Shui.  So unconsciously he had lived in a house with a facing direction beneficial for him.  Yet the house shape of the compound is fire in nature.

Photo showing back-support mountain

The surrounding landform of the house has all the “4-animals” of classical Feng Shui.  It has back support moutain or black turtle at the back (south), green dragon mountains at the left (west) and white tiger mountains in the right (east). However, the white tiger mountains are huge and dominant and green dragon mountains are the weakest.

Green dragon stands for “noblemen” or helpful people.  White tiger stands for “mean people” or people who make your life (or Bin Laden’s) miserable.  From the landform we can deduced that Laden had some support but  people who are against him are much stronger.

“What can you do to fix this landform Feng Shui Problem?”  The answer is simple if done on paper. Simply turn the base of the triangle facing east or have the back of the house facing east and facing of the house to west side.  This will convert the original white tiger into extreme strong back support, the old back support into stronger green dragon and turns the white tiger into a tiny pussy cat.

Satellite photo of Linden’s hideout.  Click to enlarge

Chinese Feng Shui asserts that living environment affects the well-being and behaviors of its residents. Its residents will in turn shape or reflect the Feng Shui nature of the environment. The satellite photos of Laden’s hideout compound give stunning reflection of this Feng Shui principle.

At first glance, the satellite photo does not seem exciting other than seeing a triangular compound. With a little imagination and “Feng Shui eye”, you will see quite a few “knives” around the compound.  Triangles can be considered as knives too, but here we just look at the knife-shaped areas.

Satellite photo pointing at the “hidden knives”.  Click to enlarge

In Form Feng Shui, knife-shaped forms stand for bloody events, fighting, surgery and even deaths. If the house is on the “blade” of a knife form, the individual represented by that direction will likely be affected.

The satellite photo on the left shows a long army knife cutting into the southwest corner. Southwest side represents older woman or wife of the house.  In the raid, it is reported that one of Laden’s wives was killed.

A chopping knife blade cuts into the northeast side of the plot.  Northeast stands for the younger son.  One of Laden’s sons was killed.

The compound is part of a big cleaver form. Click to enlarge

Last but not the least,  if you look carefully, the land plot of Bin Laden’s compound is part of a big cleaver knife.  He was lucky that the main residence is built on the upper part of the knife and not on the blade. That may explain why he could hide there for five to six years.

Is it bad Feng Shui, karma, fate or President Obama?  For the time being, we keep things simple by looking only at Feng Shui part.  Other factors will be discussed in another message.

According to Wikipedia, “Osama consistently dwelt on the need for violent jihad to right what he believed were injustices against Muslims perpetrated by the United States and sometimes by other non-Muslim states.”  So he believes in using violence to change the world.  And amazingly, the nearby Feng shui or environment of his hideout compound reflects his belief.  This could be an example of individual’s power in affecting Feng Shui environment.  With so many knife-forms hidden, his hideout compound can be named as “Knife Vein“. Knife stands for violence and bloody events.

Bad Feng Shui land forms like this one normally will unlesh its negative effects within 3 to 6 years of residency. Osama should have left the compound after 5 years at the most.  Another possible fix would be purchasing the triangular shaped farmland in the east side and merge it with existing plot to form an imperfect rectangle and hence getting rid of the triangular shape.

In conclusion, bad Feng Shui is partially responsible for Osama bin Laden’s demise.  Come back here to check out the destiny part of the equation.

Ken Lai

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