A few weeks ago, before all the buzz about the controversial transgender Canadian beauty queen contestant for Miss Universe pageant, a Bazi student has asked me,

How would you do a chart for someone going through a sex change operation ?

“Charge her double.” was my answer.

I know this is a politically incorrect answer.  But there is no magic or secret here– Bazi reader needs to read the chart twice– one as a male and other as a female to see which one fits his/her life history better.  This is because the 10-years luck periods are read differently for male and female even the birthday is identical.  Hence the double charge.

Other than individuals who thought that they were trapped in the body of a gender that they dislike,  some people may use sex-change as a way to change their “luck” or destiny in life.  Before they have their operations, they should consult a Bazi reader to check if their luck improves significantly with the gender change.  I had watched a documentary video about a man who had changed his gender to a “she” and then changed back to a “he” again.

Jin Xin, the modern dancer from China

Once I had a transgender female with a full body in my 4P class.  Students were volunteered their birth charts for class demonstration.  When “she” volunteered hers, you could hear a pin drop in the class.  Everyone was waiting for her to declare her gender.

She said “male“. And I read her chart as a male, her “pre-heaven” or natural gender.

My experience with Bazi charts with gender-change case does not find major change in life in their charts.  Very often this group of people have psychological and social issues that they have to overcome to be successful in life.

However, Jin Xing, the famous transgender female modern dancer from China, has better luck as a female than male.  So everything returns to the hidden dynamics of luck.

Happy Easter!

Ken Lai

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