Li-Chun or Spring Solstice usually arrives at February 4 in the western calendar.   It signals the beginning of a new solar year based on the relative location of the earth to the sun.    Some Chinese metaphysics systems like Feng Shui and Bazi use Li-chun as the demarcation or beginning of a new year.  It is considered an auspicious day of the year.

Some geniuses have posted something interesting about depositing money in a Li-chun day within certain hours to bring good luck in the social media:

Long line had showed up in the banks to deposit money last Wednesday (Feb. 4, 2015) in some Asian countries. 

Why giving your hard-earned money to someone else (your banker) during an auspicious day and hour considered  good omen for you?  Shouldn’t it be the other way round:  the bank should give you money (but not the money that you have deposited)!  It is just like going to a casino, you hope the casino give you money to be considered “lucky”.

“Ken!  Wake up!  You want your banker give you free money?  You are lucky if the bank does not screw you for over-drafting and other ridiculous service charges!”

Well, there is a way if there is a will.  And I don’t mean you go rob a bank.  But you need to answer the following questions before I give you this top secret.

Can you figure out the logic behind why specific hour for deposit money is good for person with certain animal sign? Is the logic correct or not?  (hint: the relationship between the animal signs)

Does wearing a red top make sense or just BS?

Can you guess the background of the person(s) who cooked up this table? (not me)

Can you make this “animal sign/ deposit” table more logical and comply with rules of  Chinese metaphysics?  So that it may somehow work.

Good answer will get an authentic Daoist method of enhancing wealth. (Bad answer will make you wear a red top for a week)

Happy New Year! 

Ken Lai

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