A question from my “4P Bootcamp’ discussion list:

“Ken, is there anything in a 4P chart that could show whether a man is prone to violence eg. domestic violence?”

This is an interesting but complicated question. It involves legal system too. For example, in Singapore, if you beat up your wife, the government will cane your ass, so husbands there will not beat up their wives even if their 4P show they may. For other “civilized” countries, besides 4P factors, it will become educational (and social class) question. Generally speaking, working class husbands are more likely to beat up their wives.

To figure out if a guy will beat up his wife or not, you need to check which stars affect personality negatively. Man with too many peer stars (bi-jian/ jie-cai) is likely to be an ass (selfish, stubborn) is one. Man with too many shang-guan (output or talent) is another. Man with many qi-sha (power star) with no control is prone to violence too, not only just beating up wife.

You also need to look at wife’s chart– chart with zheng-guan and qi-sha (power stars) “mixing up” and is also “unfavorable” , she is likely to be bully by man. Personally, I think the woman’s chart determines if she will be beaten or not. Certain female chart will attract specific type of man. You see it all the time by observing celebrities.

This topic can easily fill a volume— it will be treated in detail in:
“Applied 4P: wealth & marrige” .

Ken Lai

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