August 2008

Check out the amazing story of a mysterious Chinese factory girl, the“iPhone Girl”:

Her pictures are unintentionally show up in an iPhone purchased at UK. In less than a week, she becomes a global internet sensation and the top 10 searches of search engines. There are fan websites setup for her both inside and outside China.

There is a saying in 4-Pillars, “A gentleman will not be prosperous without being penalized.”

Very often, we found the very rich or successful persons have a semi-3-penalty in their 4P charts.

People with overnight fame and/or success, sometimes, are due to a 3-penalties formed with luck period/s in their 4P charts.

However, 3-penalties can also cause serious injuries or even death to the person OR his/her close relatives.

When will a 3-penalties be positive or negative to a person? It all depends on the relationship between branch elements involved in the 3-penalties and the day-master
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So far I have not found the iPhone Girl’s birthday.

Ken Lai

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I went to an eye exam today and saw the eye doctor walk on “4” legs (crutches). Out of curiosity, I have asked him how he got hurt.

A few weeks ago, I dug up a large tree trunk in my garden.”

Before he continued, I had interrupted, “Is the garden in the south side of your house?”

How do you know?” Asked the doctor.

Chinese secret!” I answered.

My kids want to keep the tree trunk, so I have stored it in the garage.” He continued.

A few days later, I walked through the passage of the garage which normally I could walk with my eyes closed. I got trapped down by the tree trunk and broke my ankle!”

I told him it is not a good idea to dig in the South this year. The energy there is not too friendly.

A student’s friend was building a front porch in the southern side of his property earlier this year. Recently a cyst had grown on his neck and needs a minor surgery to remove it. A supposedly simple procedure got complications with blood problem and infection.

For the Rat year (2008), the south has the following negative energies:
: 5 –yellow Disaster Star
: San Sha (Three Killings)
Bing/S1 – Pinch Sha
Wu/S2 – Disaster Sha
Ding/S3 – Pinch Sha
: Wu Dao Ti Sha – Wu/S2*
: Jia Dao Ti Sha – Ding/S3*
: Sui Po (Wu/S2) (year breaker, opposite side of Grand Duke)

With unusually high concentration of negative energies in one direction, you should avoid renovations or earth-digging in the south this year. If you have no choice, you need to do a good date-selection to mitigate the effects.

One may ask, I know people who had dug in the south and still have no problem. Yes, no problem YET. There are cases which the effect of violation is delayed even to a few years later. Some teachers describe these energies are like “fair weather friends”– they ignore or even enhance your luck IF your current luck is good. BUT they will step on you all over if your current luck is on the low side. OR sometimes they “ambush” you when your good luck is gone!

Ken Lai

“Practical Date-Selection Methods” (incl. XKDG) w/ 12 hr. video
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“Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui & Blessing” w/ 12 hr video
“Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth” w/ 3 hr. video
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While surfing the internet, I suddenly am not sure if I am dead or alive. A woman in Veracruz of Mexico, claims that she had taken my “Daoist Talisman” and “Practical Date-Selection Methods” seminars and even put my logo in her website without my authorization.

Normally, people claim to be the students or lineage holders of DECEASED masters if they are not really the students of the deceased. Maybe I am dead already or maybe this woman has mistaken that I was dead.

To make sure that I am still alive, I have pinched myself and it hurts.

Ms. Claudia xxxxxxxx, please remove the logo of “International School of Feng Shui” from your website. I have no record of you attending any of my class anywhere in the world.

Thank you for reading!

Ken Lai

Nota: Los acentos fueron removidos intencionalmente 

Mientras navegaba en internet, de repente no se si estoy vivo o muerto.
Una mujer en Veracruz, Mexico asegura que ha tomado mis seminarios
de "Talismanes Daoistas" y "Metodos Practicos de Seleccion de Fechas"
e inclusivo puso mi logo en su sitio de internet sin mi consentimiento.

Normalmente, la gente
asegura ser estudiante
o pertenecer al linaje
de un maestro ya
FALLECIDO, especialmente
si, en realidad, no son
estudiantes del maestro
fallecido. Probablemente
yo ya estoy muerto o
probablemente esta mujer
piensa que ya lo estoy.

Para asegurarme que sigo
vivo, me pellisqué y duele.  

Sra. Claudia xxxxxx, favor de retirar el logo de "International School 
of Feng Shui" de su pagina de internet. Yo no tengo ningun registro de que
usted haya participado en ninguna de mis clases en cualquier parte del mundo.


Ken Lai