May 2008

I ran into an interesting Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua (XKDG) date-selection case in Hong Kong in last April.

A local master was solicited to do a date-selection for the renovation of an ancient tomb. The tomb houses the founding ancestral couple of a local clan.

The formation of this tomb is called “Literacy Shrimp Frolicking with Water (文蝦戲水). This is a typical San He (3-harmony) job which likes to “naming imagery based on forms” (呼形喝象). The original master thought the form around the tomb looks like a shrimp playing with water. Water is also associated with intelligence and hence literacy. So this “shrimp” is a smart shrimp. By naming it “literacy shrimp“, hopefully, the descendants will be learned scholars.

The local master wrote, “This is a shrimp form, if the selected day has no water (rain), the shrimp will die! If it rains, we can’t initiate construction. This is really a tough job.”

This is the date selected, June 12, 2007, Wu hour:

Year: Ding Hai; 8 zhen/ kun 8
Month: Bing Wu; 4 dui/ xun 3
Day: Ding Chou; 4 dui/ zhen 7
Hour: Bing Wu; 4 dui/ xun 3

“The observatory had issued a thunderstorm warning in early morning of the selected day.” The local master said. “It had rained heavily in Si hour (9:01- 11am). Sunshine came out during Wu hour (11:01- 13:00). We did the renovation during Wu hour and finished within 2 hours. The sky then turned cloudy during first half of Wei hour (13:01- 14:00). By that time the cement had dried. It had rained again during the second half of Wei hour. We are fortunate to get help from heaven!”

Well, it seems even Feng Shui shrimp based on imagery needs 5-elements support. In my next post, I will tell you how to learn XKDG date-selection in an hour and how much this Hong Kong master charges for XKDG date-selection.

Ken Lai

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I was in Hong Kong last month. While I walked in a subway station, I saw billboards advertising a “5-Elements Money Market Fund”.

“Great! More work opportunities for Chinese Metaphysics folks!” I thought.

This morning, Mr. Li Zhao Ji (李兆基), a multi-billionaire, a.k.a. “Asia Stock God”
(“亞洲股神”) talks about “5-elements theory of stock trading” (炒股五行論). For details, please check the following link (in Chinese):

http://www.cdnews. site/docDetail. jsp?coluid= 114&docid= 100391326

http://news. xinhuanet. com/fortune/ 2007-12/05/ content_7203235. htm

For basic theory of stock trade and 5-elements, please click this link (in Chinese):
http://hkstock. 080212/132, 1357,3778655, 00.shtml

In the last few years, some well-intended folks are trashing 5-elements applications in 4P, Feng Shui and others.

While there are limits of 5-elements, they are still the cornerstone of Chinese Metaphysics.

5-elements are not just physical metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

To apply 5-elements theory in terms of qi (energy), in terms of actual physical elements or just in terms of symbols, is situation-specific. It is not easy to throw out the 5-element concept without upsetting the whole equation.

Humans and living beings are all under the influence of 5-elements. You either become an immortal or dead when 5-elements stop affecting you.

Well, time for a cup of tea (Darn! Water-element controls me again! Maybe I should draw a Kan hexagram and eat it instead.)

Ken Lai

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Charity Sale for China Earthquake Victims

Dear Members,

Life is invariably associated with suffering, said the Buddha. We come to FS, to divination, to seek a deeper understanding of how we may navigate life’s waters. Thus, in seeking our fortune, it is wise to be aware of the suffering of our fellow man and woman.

We are acutely aware of the suffering of those in the earthquake in China. We would like to do our small part in helping the earthquake victims by offering our correspondence course “PRACTICAL DATE-SELECTION METHODS” (with 12 hours video) for sale.

ALL course fee (minus shipping) will be donated to China earthquake victims via International Red Cross in your honor. Donation acknowledgment in email and/or paper form will be sent directly to you by Red Cross.

Tax deduction (if needed) can be arranged. No production cost will be deducted.

This is a rare opportunity to do something good and learn some useful date-selection methods, including Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua.

“Practical Date-selection Methods” with 12 hours video

PAYMENT FORM: PayPal, Visa/MC, Western Union.

1. Free air-mail shipping (a $30 value)
2. A blessed mantra that offer protection from earthquake damage
3. A red talisman that offers protection and blessing

OFFER DURATION: From now till June 15, 2008
CONTACT: kenlai93@yahoo. com

You can find more details about this course in:

I wish to thank the co-author Master Lee for agreeing with this offer.

Any action taken with charity at its heart is strongly and specially based in the energy matrix of qi. This allow your actions to take deeper root when you use these precious date-selection methods, and your merit will help you achieve your dreams.


Ken Lai and Master Lee

Shen’s Xuan Kong Studies” (沈氐玄空學) was written by Shen Shao Xun (1849-1906,沈紹勛) and published by his son Shen Zu Mian (1878-1969,沈祖綿). This book was the first one to expose many “secrets” of Xuan Kong Feng Shui and is the cornerstone of modern Flying Star Feng Shui.

Shen’s grandson, Shen Yan Fa (1915-2001, 沈延發, see picture here), a civil engineer, had written “Shen’s Xuan Kong Kan Yu Studies” (沈氐玄空堪輿學). This book focuses on ancient architectural designs though it can also be applied to city planning and small scale district designs. I have not seen this book yet, so I cannot make any comment.

Shen Yan Fa had also written “Shen’s Skyscraper Feng Shui“(沈氐高層建築堪輿學). He said it is based on the 10 years Yi-Jing research of his father. His father had encouraged him to share this “skyscraper Xuan Kong code” with the Feng Shui community.

This book focuses on how to apply Yi-jing principle into skyscraper Feng Shui. The method is quite simple: using the storey number and the facing of the apartment door, translating it into one of the 64 hexagrams, then do TWO yao-changings and make some brief comments about the apartment. This method is not unique as there are similar methods in skyscraper Feng Shui. For example, “He-Tu-5-mice luck cycles” method assigns a He-Tu number to each storey and individual apartment and calculate auspiciousness based on nurturing-controlling relationship with the current He-Tu luck period. Another similar method (“Bamboo Node“) is used in applying Bazhai (8-mansions) in multi-storey buildings.

Shen Yan Fa has shown quite a few examples of how to apply this method. The sample audits shows heavy dose of personal judgment on the quality of environment and then mix with the interpretations of hexagrams. Other examples were based on the advertising brochures of buildings under construction. Shen did not show any concrete results showing his predictions worked. So at the time the book was written (around 1993), it seemed that this theory was just a conceptual model and not really tested.

How to determine the sitting and facing of an apartment in a highrise is one of the hottest arguments in contemporary Feng Shui. Shen is not clear on how he made the distinction though we can see he places heavy weight on the main door of the apartment. But he also seemed to talk about the sitting/facing of a building complex based on the main entrance of the building.

For the trivia bluffs– Shen Shao Xun was once the adopted son of a western mercenary. His son, Shen Zu Mian, was a revolutionary who had tried to over-turned the Imperial Qing Dynasty and had fled to Japan nine times.

Shen’s Xuan Kong Studies” remains the classic in contemporary Feng Shui though there are arguments on some of the theories and contents. Hats off to the Shen family for their sharing of major Feng Shui knowledge!

Ken Lai

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I can see your eyeballs rolling with $-signs— expands your 4P service to cat clients!

The story begins last year when I wrote in my blog about my 8-year old niece Sammy adopted a female kitten Mimi. Mimi shows close attachment to my brother Jimmy but not his wife Jane. I have joked about this cat may be the reincarnation of his former love from his previous life.

Not to be outdone, Jimmy’s wife adopted a male kitten Goldie. It by chance also shows close attachment to her but not my brother! Another former love reincarnation??

“In Daoist (Taoist) and Buddhist literature, stories of some deceased reincarnate into animals to get close to their current or previous life love ones are pretty common. This also explains some incredible animal stories of saving their masters or animals with unusually high IQ.”

Now the story continues…

I stayed at their home when I was in Hong Kong and met the cats. The family has spoiled the cats– they let them roam on dinner table, computer desk or anywhere!

The first thing that Jane and Jimmy do when they returned from work is hugging their own cat and not their only kid. But the kid is happy to play with two cats.

One evening, while I was reading the current 4P luck of Jane, she suddenly asked me, “Can you do 4P reading for my cats?”

“What? 4P for cats? Darn, why not? Do you have their birthdays?” Actually in my mind, I thought she must be crazy and bet she does not have the cats’ birthday data.

It turned out the cats were home-bred by her pals, so she got the birthdays!

Hence the first two cat 4P readings in history happened unexpectedly.

Here is the 4P of female cat Mimi:
Y: ding-hai
M: ding-wei
D: gui-chou
H: unknown

It is likely a weak Gui-water daymaster. Interesting coincidence– Jane is also a weak gui-water DM!

Here is the 4P of male cat Goldie:

Y: ding-hai
M: ding-wei
D: ji-si
H: unknown

It is likely a strong Ji-earth daymaster. Another super-unexpected coincidence– Jimmy is a strong ji-earth DM with the SAME ji-si day-pillar!

I almost fell onto the ground when I compared the owners and cats’ daymasters.

A cat’s fortune depends on its owner’s luck cycle. So what I look for is just the karmic linkage to the cat owner, though other things like compatibility with owners and personalities can possibly be deduced. Of course, this will need more testing before launching it to the public.

Jimmy’s wife’s DM is gui and so is the female cat. Chance for that happens is 1/10 (since there are 10 stems).

Jane’s husband’s Day pillar is ji-si and so is the male cat. Probability for occurrence is 1/60 (since there are 60 jia-zi or binomials).

In actual 4P, Gui-water is the wife of Ji-earth DM.

The probability of fitting the husband and wife in a row with the cats is 10 x 60 or 1 in 600.

This 4P testing seems to support the theory of deceased love one’s reincarnation into pet to get another chance for meeting past or present love ones. Or to the least, the coincidence of this case is “beyond chance“.

Maybe we can start a new branch of 4P service– “pet karmic linkage testing”.

Ken Lai

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I have just returned from China after leading a tour and staying there for almost 2 months. This “Feng Shui Battle” looks like a Japanese monster movie set. To see the pictures of this “Battle”, please click the following link:

This “Feng Shui battle” had occurred in China in the 80’s. It began when someone had fixed a “heart-piercing sha” (a lamp-post in front of main door) by building a giant “beetle” on his roof. His neighbor had counteracted the beetle with a giant “phoenix” (but the bird looks like a monster bird!).

Another neighbor had used a giant crown, elephants, eagles, dragons and other strange creatures to fight the beetle. The results are not pretty– all three buildings become vacant! In the “Advanced Form Feng Shui” course, Ken Lai will show you how to look at houses like these WITHOUT using luopan by just looking at the surrounding forms.

It was an overkill to fix a “heart-piercing sha” with a giant beetle. It can be fixed with something simple and inexpensive.

Ken Lai

“Practical Date-Selection Methods (incl. XKDG) w/ 12 hr. video
“Practical Imperial Qi-men-Dun-Jia” w/ 10 hr. video
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