Some people ask, “Ken, you have written about cat and birds. Will you write something on dogs?” I aim to please. Here is one of my favorite dog stories. It will be followed by “doggie Feng Shui” to make it “fit” for this metaphysics blog.

The brave brown dog
This story is taken from a Chinese website about a road-kill of a chow chow.

In July 24, 2007 at around 10 AM, a chow chow was hit by a car near the adminstrative building of China’s Shang-Qiu City. A brown dog endlessly trying to pushing the lifeless chow chow to safety. When the traffic seemed to come to his way, instead of running away, this brown dog used his body to cover the chow chow. It kissed and licked the injured dog and sometimes raised its head to look at the cars and people rushing by. It also barked and “cried” in sad tone.

10:20AM: The brown dog had used its front legs to push the chow chow and barked or “talked” to the motionless dog. Some human bystanders wanted to help moving the injured dog, but the brown dog did not let anyone get close to the chow chow. It stubbornly kept pushing the injured dog to the center of the road.

10:30 AM: After struggling for a while, the brown dog had pushed the injured dog to a corner with less traffic. It had panted and grasp for air and laid at the side of the chow chow. It had “uttered” to its motionless friend. People could see tears in the brown dog’s eyes. It looked sad and helpless.

“This is very touching!” Said one onlooker. “Even animal can be so loyal and empathetic. This really makes humans feel ashame of themselves.”

Animal empathy
The January 2008 issue of “Scientific American Mind” has an article on “animal empathy”. It said that human empathy is different from animal in that sometimes, humans enjoy their competitions running into predicament.

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