Note:  Below is a post for 4P-Bootcamp discussion list.
I am writing the course manual for “Applied 4P: Sickness Prediction and Prevention” now.  Today I have written “capping stem” and “chopping branch” and related sicknesses.  Here I show you the first part that are useful for standard 4P reading.
There are 10 stems and 12 branches which give rise to 60 different binomials.  A binomial consists of one stem and one branch of same polarity or gender.  The controlling and nurturing relationship between the stem and branch within a binomial is much more direct than between different pillars within a Bazi chart.   There are five possible relationship within a binomial:
1.  stem nurtures branch
2.  stem controls branch
3.  branch nurtures stem
4. branch controls stem
5. stem and branch parallel (same element)
The antagonistic relationship in #2 and #4 is called “capping stem and chopping branch  盖头截脚 (gai-tou-jie-jiao, literally means “covering head and chopping leg”.)
Capping stem and chopping branch” (CSCB) is a mutual blocking situation or energy flow within a chart is blocked.  People with multiple CSCB in
their charts are likely facing more obstacles and blockages in life and with
numerous health issues.  They seldom finish or accomplish something without hitches or setbacks– rarely do something right or get things done at first try.
 Capping stem” is stem controlling branch within a binomial, for example,  bing-shen.  There are 12 “capping stem” binomials:   
  • Jia-chen 甲辰,  jia-xu 甲戌,  
  •  yi-chou 乙丑,  yi-wei 乙未,   
  • bing-shen 丙申, ding-you 丁酉,   
  • wu-zi 戊子,  ji-hai 己亥,   
  • geng-yin 庚寅,  xin-mao 辛卯,  
  •  ren-wu 壬午,  gui-si 癸巳.
People who have “capping stem” in their Bazi charts are prone to “bad beginning and rarely succeed at first try when starting a project or function.
Chopping branch” is branch controlling stem within a binomial, for example, jia-shen.  There are 12 “chopping branch” binomials:   
  • jia-shen 甲申,  yi-you 乙酉,   
  • bing-zi 丙子,  ding-hai 丁亥,   
  • wu-yin 戊寅,  ji-mao 己卯,  
  • geng-wu 庚午,  xin-si 辛巳,   
  • ren-chen 壬辰,  gui-chou 癸丑,   
  • gui-wei 癸未ren-xu 壬戌.
People who has “chopping branch” in their Bazi charts are prone to “ill-intended blockage or pressure” (by other party) in the middle of a project or function.
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