From time to time, I have students from different parts of the world asking me to comment or give advice on their “dream home” Feng Shui design.

More often than not, they try to apply ALL Feng Shui methods that they have learned into their Feng Shui design.  If they have taken my “Practical Door Feng Shui” course (which has 6+ Feng Shui methods), they will at least try 3+ methods.

In developing countries or more traditional societies, a new house is designed “for life” if not for multiple generations.  Their houses tend to be a single house unit and not the multiple floors tall buildings in urban societies.  The Feng Shui design for these houses are different from houses in developed countries.

For house that is intended to be a long term (20+ years to lifetime) dwelling, the Feng Shui consideration must be at least 20+ to 40 years or 2 Feng Shui periods.  The focus is on long term stability and health.

For houses in societies with rapid economic changes, the Feng Shui consideration will be the immediate 10+ years or one Feng Shui period at most.  The focus is on enhancing wealth and moving on to better housing in near future.

My students always complain about contradicting Feng Shui information when multiple Feng Shui methods are applied into their Feng Shui design.  It seems that the more one knows about Feng Shui, the more difficult is for him to enjoy good Feng Shui.

So they ask me to play God– to decide for them which method to take.

I don’t want to be God, especially when I do not get paid to be one like George Burns.  It is not about money but karma debt picked up when doing free Feng Shui.  At the least my students have “exchange of energy” with me (through taking my classes), I can still answer their critical questions in subtle ways.  So that they will be playing God themselves.

I tell them which Feng Shui method to use is the ultimate Feng Shui secret.  It takes me 20+ years to figure it out.

In fact, I have “leaked” this secret 2 years ago in this blog.


Some people may argue that the idea “Blessed land is resided by blessed people” ( 福地福人居) and Blessed people reside in blessed land ( 福人居福地) sounds like a tautology or circular reasoning.

This is not easy to explain or it did not take me 20+ years to figure out.  I think an example may illustrate the point.

Here is a real story:  My Taiwan teacher was invited to Feng Shui a plot and found the land was very auspicious.  A few months later, he went back and measure– the reading had changed.  He said the mountain god had taken the “dragon” away. Apparently the client does not have the blessing or may be a “bad” person.

Even in yin Feng Shui (tombs), an experienced Feng Shui master will not choose the best plot or utilize all the good earth qi in that locality for the client– especially when the client does not have enough blessing (doing good/bad deeds, etc).  The client may not be able to handle the big blessing from the plot.  He will take whatever is appropriate for his client’s blessing.  Not utilize all the good earth qi is to share it with future tombs.  This is to accumulate good karma for the client.

In short, the influence of Feng Shui on people and vice versa are bi-directional.  Individuals can also affect their Feng Shui environment through virtue and altruistic activities.  That is, when one is stuck with whatever bad Feng Shui and cannot move away,  s/he can improve the Feng Shui environment by increasing the positive energies around him/her.  One way to generate positive energies is performing altruistic activities like donating time and materials to charities and serving people who are less fortunate than us.

Regardless of this blessed or not-blessed talk, the first requirement of good Feng Shui design is FORMS, especially the external environmental factors like power towers, chimneys, flyovers, mountains, rivers, drains, and etc.  Make sure there are no sha-qi or bad forms surrounding your house.  Recently a student with a new home to design Feng Shui, has taken my “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui“, emailed me:

(I) Am thoroughly enjoying the course . Have started case studies on DVD2 . I am sad that I have only 8 questions waiting for the forum. When I  saw the manual I thought I would have at least 50 questions.”  (Flattery words removed)

Sorry to plug in this ad.

Ken Lai

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