10 years ago, Penn and Teller’s cable TV show “Bullshit!” had a segment on Feng Shui in USA.

In this episode, the producers had invited three Feng Shui practitioners to audit the same house.  All the practitioners seemed to be practicing traditional Chinese Feng Shui but giving conflicting advice.  The impression that Penn and Teller had given to the audience was:  Feng Shui is moving furniture if not bullshit.

You can watch this “Bullshit” episode here:

Fast-forward 10 years–  “Lookout“, a consumer watchdog type program of ABC TV network here has a segment on Feng Shui last week.  The producers have invited 5 “Feng Shui” practitioners to advise on the Feng Shui of a Manhattan apartment in New York City.

Unlike Penn and Teller’s merciless presentation, the “Lookout” is more “civilized” or objective and let the audience form their own opinion about Feng Shui.

The focus of  first practitioner is “green” or placing plants virtually everywhere in the apartment and also charges a lot of “green” (US$800- 2500), forest not included in his fee.  The program did not show him using any measuring equipment like a luopan or compass.  Even the client exclaims that she will know the guy in plant store very well.

The second practitioner has used a Trifield EMF meter to do her “Feng Shui” business.  She has used the meter to measure ghost energies and then “cleanse” it with her copper bells and will power or “healing frequency“.  Obviously this is not really Feng Shui but spiritual or space cleansing.

The third practitioner did not use any measurement equipment either, but she has used her hands mostly– moving and throwing stuff away.  This is “decluttering” or house-cleaning.  A cleaning lady probably will cost a lot less.

The fourth practitioner is a bona-fide Chinese Feng Shui master whose call to fame was doing Donald T’s Feng Shui work.  She has done some luopan measurements and  given some “poison-arrows” and energy talks.  But the program did not give her much time to explain what was going on.

The last one is the “mirror” guy and did not do any measurement either.  This follows the western tradition of using mirrors and crystals extensively for Feng Shui work.

This program has given only 5.54 minutes to “showcase” 5 practitioners and different ways of doing Feng Shui, for sure injustice may be done to them.

You may watch the actual video here:


In Penn and Teller’s program, all the Feng Shui practitioners were doing traditional Chinese Feng Shui. 10 years later,  in the “Lookout” program,  only one out of five practitioners is real Chinese Feng Shui practitioner.  Therefore, Chinese Feng Shui is losing territories to other practices masquerading as Feng Shui, at least in USA.

Will you be surprised when you go to a “Wealth-building” or motivational seminar and find out it is actually a Feng Shui or Bazi fortune-telling seminar?

This already is happening.  Some smart dudes in the Chinese metaphysics circle “borrow” a page from Anthony Robbins and the “Attraction” crowds.  They repackage their Feng Shui and Bazi seminars as tools  to gain immense wealth and motivation.

Sooner or later, the Chinese dudes will get even with those who have encroached their turf.

Ken Lai

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