August 2007

The words “Feng Shui” is buzzing in the media again— thanks to the grand opening of Venetian Macau casino on August 27.

According to Wall Street Journal,

“Though it is harder for the untrained eye to see, the Venetian has also paid very careful attention to feng shui, the traditional art of designing spaces that are harmonious and auspicious. Matthew Prior, the Sands executive in charge of building the facility, says he worked with a Hong Kong-based feng shui master to vet the orientation, overall design, and use of water in the facility. “We had to balance out all of the key elements,” he says.

Feng shui also played a role in the timing of yesterday’s activities. Per the master’s recommendation, carefully controlled crowds began entering the casino at 7:18 in the evening, a time that, based on Mr. Adelson’s birthday, he deemed especially lucky.”

This seems to be the first time a western casino executive admits that he uses Feng Shui in his casino.

However, at least in the western media, it is all “harmony and balance” talks which sound as if the casino is taking care of the well-being of the gamblers with Feng Shui.

But the Chinese media in Hong Kong are more blunt. They said most people believe that the Feng Shui designs of casinos are attempts to ensure the gamblers losing their money.

In other words, you should gamble in a casino with bad Feng Shui. OR if you hear a casino is designed with Feng Shui, you probably should stay away from it.

Don’t we feel sad that those cool, righteous and spiritual Feng Shui masters or grandmasters, are ganging up with the western capitalists to screw our beloved Asians?

But Feng Shui Masters are also human beings too. They can’t refuse a big fat check. There will be more assignments coming as the prelude of Feng Shui battles between Chinese and westerner-owned casinos already begins.

In the early 90’s, Las Vegas’ MGM Casino had an entrance built in the shaped of a giant lion mouth. Many Asians stayed away from that entrance since it symbolized being ‘swallow’ alive by a lion.

For an interesting read about form Feng Shui and casino in Macau, check the following:

“You win when you don’t gamble.”
(quote from Rev. Ken)

Ken Lai

I was in Mexico City teaching “Practical Date-selection Methods” two weeks ago.

While I was there, my Mexican colleagues took me along to their audit of the corporate headquarters of a major Mexican corporation.

The company has just moved to this new campus for a few months. Problems and lawsuits among long-time partners have surfaced.

The campus has 3 buildings on an area of 300 x200 meters with manicured gardens, fountains and waterfalls. Local TV stations come here often to film their soap-operas.

The building on the right side (tiger side) is the office building with the management and sales stuff housed. The building is zip-zap shaped like a staircase. It is the form for argument and hot temper.

The building on the left side (dragon side) is rectangular in shape. It is used as R&D and warehouse.

The building in the middle is a small building for canteen.

We walked to a certain direction of the office building and saw a pond there.

“Who sits in the office closed to this pond”. I asked.

“Me.” Answered the youngest son of the owner.

“This pond is called ‘white tiger sees mirror’. It will affect the person closed to it. The effects are surgery, accident or sudden death.”

I then told him when the events will likely to happen and how to avoid it.

My Mexican colleagues had just did an audit of a multi-millionaire’s home. That home has a swimming pool located at “white tiger sees mirror” location. The owner has two sons died of a plane crash.

In Form Feng Shui, there are two other “white tigers” that are also very inauspicious, but not as worse as “white tiger sees mirror.” They are:

“White tiger opens mouth”– this has something to do with the garage door of your neighbor. It affects woman of the house mostly. It causes problem to conceive or miscarriage.

“White tiger exposes bone”– this has something to do with landscaping rocks in your garden. It affect the woman of the house mostly, causing surgery of the uterus or reproductive organ.

These white tiger stuff are amazingly accurate without using luopan or calculations. They are taught in my “Advanced Form Feng Shui” and “Sha Avoidance Feng Shui” class.

Ken Lai

I was surfing in Google’s “Feng Shui” image archive the other day. A young entrepreneur has posted the graduation pixes of his metaphysics school there.

The pixes look very impressive . You see the young entrepreneur and his graduates dressed in PhD style gowns and caps. It is a little bit odd to see the young guy granting a super-sized diploma to someone who could be older than his mother. It looks as if the older students were granting him a diploma.

I told myself, “I should do something like that, requiring my graduates to wear PhD style gown and cap.”

“No, you should do something better than PhD gowns.” My little voice told me.

“Besides, nowadays, even kindergarten and high school graduates wear gowns.”

Then lighting suddenly struck inside my head.

I was in China earlier this year and saw “dragon robes” (robe worn by the Chinese emperor) for sale.

Now I can outdo PhD gown by requiring my graduates wearing “dragon robe”. They will be granted the titles of “Emperor of Feng Shui“, “Empress of Feng Shui“, “Emperor of 4P” …. and so on.

This for sure will blow away titles like “master” or “master-trainer”.

Only 20 graduates will be granted these highest possible titles, so book yours ASAP!

Ken Lai

A few days ago, the Hai-Kou city of Hai-nan Island of China, has announced that they will no longer use the number 4 for their car license plate registrations.

The officials maintain that citizen does not like the number four.

“Four” sounds “si” in Chinese. It also sounds like “death” in Chinese too.

Superstition? It is all about “Yi-tou“, a Chinese term that is difficult to translate into English. It is something like “building up a premonition”— in this case, an inauspicious premonition– to see a number that reminds you of death.

The word “death” can also mean failure in Chinese.

This is similar to westerners’ dislike of the number 13.

The Tramp Tower, if I remember right, has no 13th floor. Similar thing found in some buildings in Hong Kong or China, there is no 4th or 14th floor. It is harder to sell units in the 4th and 14th floor of a building.

In the case of 14th floor, the meaning is even worse– it sounds like “guaranteed death” (or doomed!) in Chinese sound.

On the other hand, the number 7 which is regarded lucky in the west, is not that lucky in Chinese custom.

“7” is a unit of counting for the number of days that a person had died. We have “the first 7” to mean someone had died 7 days (with a special ceremony). At the 49th days (4 x 7) there will be another ceremony for the departed.

Here is a little known secret about the number 7— house street address with the number 7 (e.g.: xxx7) or the numbers of the a street number total 7 (e.g. 124= 1+2+4 =7) , has high probability of being haunted or found with ghost inside the house.

Ken Lai

This is a health case that I’ve been working on for over two years. I try to be brief here.


Husband was diagnosed as having leukemia in 2001.

All 4-pillars have clashes, sign of severe sickness or even death.

House was built in 1962, moved in 1972, roof replaced once during early 80’s. After calibration with actual events happened, the house is still a Period 5 house. There is no guarantee that the period of a house will change with a roof replacement!

112 degree, unstable luopan needle, indicating energy around house is not stable. 112 degree is also within the “replacement star” region. This is a red flag.

Flying Star– for timing
Ba Zhai– for health
San Yuan Nine Palace (Master Chang Tai-I’s version)–
for measuring quality of qi inside the house
Sha Avoidance — for avoiding major “shen-sha”, most misfortunes are activated by shas (li qi).


House is well-kept and tidy, typical rambler built in the ’60s. No visible “sha” around the house accept sharp roof-top points into the window of the master bedroom in SW (1-2-5).


Clean and tidy, as the couple’s kids have left the house and married. The study room (W, 5-7-9) has erratic magnetic field, indicating either bad qi there or some spirits. Later found that the young girl of previous owner died in this house. And patient had spent a few hours per day in this room doing qi-gong.

843 397 125
934 752 579 sitting
488 216 661

Master bedroom is in SW 1-2-5 area, with part of 5-7-9 lies in the pillow of patient.

Kitchen is in NW 6-6-1.

Living room spread over 4-8-8, 9-3-4, 2-1-6

Main door is in 4-8-8, but was rarely used.

Garage door to house, 2-1-6, was used most of the time.

Using a combination of FS remedies and qi-gong, client’s leukemia has entered remission after two years.

Ken Lai

Note: The following was written on Aug. 22, 2004

In 2001, Frank Nursery, a regional flower chain store had filed bankruptcy and had closed some stores.

One of the stores was pretty closed to where I live.

That store was in a pretty new (less than 10 years old) shopping center with major tenants like Target Greatland, TJ Max, Rainbow and Pet Smart. It is a pretty big shopping center.

This Frank store was next to a Pet Smart store. But it is at the edge of left side of the center, so there is no neighbor at the left side of Frank. To make things worse, the left side is a “sunken” slope or sunken dragon. The right side of the store is the right hand side neighbors, meaning strong tigers.

The “ming-tang” is a huge parking lot, which is as big as 4 football fields.

There is no back support for all the stores at this side because they were all built on top of a slope.

2004 is almost over in a few months, the original Frank store location is still vacant since 9/ 2001.

So why can’t shopping center owner lease this space out? In terms of monetary losses, it could be easily over $2M of rental losses.

I take a compass reading– 270 degree, big void line!

But how come its right side neighbors Pet Smart and TJ Max are doing well??

I let you figure out the reasons.

Ken Lai

Note: The following was written on April 22, 2004

About 10 years ago, the MGM Casino in Las Vegas had a big entrance that was shaped like the mouth of a lion.

Eventually, the casino took the mouth down as Asian customers, esp. Chinese, do not like the idea of walking into the mouth of a lion, implying losing big to the casino.

Chinese are known to be big “whales” there.

When I was in Hong Kong last month, there is a building entrance (see enclosed photo) shaped like the mouth of a monster– 2 sharp silver color teeth at the door and 2 while eye balls on top (Rhino mouth and crab eyes combined?).

However, people do not seemed to notice it. Even my relative who works nearby was shocked when I told him the entrance looks like a giant mouth.

The section of the street is in Monkok’s second busiest cross-junction, with traffic (people/car flow) comparable to that of New York’s Time Square. The real estate price there is probably within the top 5 of the most expensive land in the world.

So how do the businesses fare in that building? According to my relative, businesses inside that building come and go pretty quick due to slow traffic.

So do people subconsciously feel walking into the mouth of a monster and avoiding going inside? Or is the “earth luck” (di yun) of the building expired?

I took a luopan reading outside the entrance. The degree is not that bad.

I went into the building. Most businesses were not opened even it was a weekday afternoon. But the “qi” inside was pretty stagnant.

Amazingly, there is a Feng Shui practitioner there who does everything (date selection, Feng shui, face/palm reading, divination, naming…..). But apparently he forgot to Feng Shui his office before moving in.

I walked around the building and eventually find out the reason– the building is on a void-line.

As to how I find out the void line, it will be discussed in my classes.

You may search my blog here on void line for some explanations.

Ken Lai

Note: The following was written on Nov. 12, 2001

Today (Nov. 12, 01) at about the same time an American Airline Airbus crashed into Queens (NY), my neighbor Mrs. X across the street was invaded by 2 robbers.

Our neighborhood was a peaceful one and people left their garage doors open all the time.

This morning, my garage door was opened after my kid went to school. Mrs. X’s husband left their garbage door open after he left for work. Mrs. X right-hand-side neighbor garage door was also opened. There is no neighbor at the left-hand-side of Mrs. X’s house. I have neighbors at both left and right side of my house.

All the houses were built by the same building at 1997. The designs are almost identical too. No house is more “stand out” than the others.

At around 8am, Mrs. X and her 7 year and 1 year old daughters were woken up by two robbers in her master bedroom. They tied her up and began ransacking her house. The kids were crying.

Mrs. X managed to free herself and escaped with her kids to my house, through my opened garage door. We closed the door right the way.

Violent crime like this has not occurred in this area for over 26 years, according to the police officers who interviewed us.

We were interviewed by TV stations, as the victims are too distraught to talk about the ordeal.

Can we predict this robbery from flying star chart? Here are the charts of her house. My own house’s chart is the opposite of this.

300 degree facing NW (ms,ts,ws)

Garage front door North

469 578 133
942 678 315
224 769 851 <=master br. on second floor

Annual star chart (adjusted for directions)
1 9 4
5 8 2
3 7 6

Ken Lai

Note: The following was written on Feb.7, 2002

Here is a sample question from the Kenny Porter School for Feng Shui Wizards. The case is real. Someone actually had died.

The event had happened in a monastery in Nationalist China in July, 1924 (5th moon in Chinese calendar).

No construction date is given.

No move-in date is given.

1924 was Period 4.

Here is the case material:

Two monks were living in one of the rooms in the monastery. One was a senior and the other as a junior monk. The junior monk had a ming-gua of 9-purple fire.

In July 1924, the senior monk felt sick and moved out of that room. The junior monk stayed and died of sickness.

No info on the nature of sickness given.

Given the above data, how do you track down the Feng Shui “pathology” of this case? In other words, why did the poor monk die?

Now you can put on your thinking hat.

Ken Lai

Note: The following was written on May 30, 2002

I have just done an audit of a Chinese restaurant in a Midwest state. It was built in 1977 (period 6) and located in front of a MacDonald.

P.6 Si Mountain/ Hai facing (needs replacement star, ms, ts,ws)

458 931 213
349 567 785 W
894 122 676

Early history is unknown, but the last three owners all filed bankruptcy. It was empty for 2 years until 1996 when my client bought it, remodeled it (new paint, carpets, furniture, but did not replace the roof). They are in business ever since.

Business is OK but the owner has problems keeping helpful employees.

Since they have moved in during Period 7, should I use move-in date or construction date?

Chart for period 7:

586 124 346
457 679 892 W
913 235 781

I’ll let you guess which one that I’ve used. Hint: I’m no fanatic of following the doctrines of any master, including mine (read as: I follow the winner).

Ken Lai

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