June 2011

On June 7, 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented his idea about a spaceship-shaped new Apple campus to the Cupertino City council.  The 4-storied building is like a donut with empty space or courtyard in the center and curved glass all the way around.  The campus will have 3.1 million square feet space and  house 12,000 workers with 90% underground parking and 6000 trees for landscaping.  

No cost estimates are given.  But anyone with half a brain should know it will cost many arms and legs– of the stockholders.

This news reminds me of an old blog that I had written in 2002.

Below is some excerpts from that blog:
Most of us know that ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had built huge pyramids and grand monuments to memorialize their reigns and feats at huge expenses to their people and treasury……..
Modern Pharaohs do not build tombs but grandeur office buildings. They are the CEOs and executives of big corporations.”
Is Steve Jobs a “green” visionary or simply another “modern Pharaoh“?  Is this a reflection of his insecurity about his own mortality?

Bloggers and some readers of newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, wonder if this spaceship campus spells the beginning of the end of the Apple empire.  Given Steve Jobs’ health conditions, others even doubt if he will live to see the building completed.

I am not a business analyst.  However, when I link the dots with Feng Shui of the spaceship campus and  Steve Jobs’ 4-Pillars of Destiny Chart, some patterns emerge that may not be favorable to him.


This reading is based on Chinese Bazi or “4-Pillars of Destiny”.   I try to keep jargon  to  a minimum for the average readers here.

Steve is a weak fire-person with many earth elements in his chart.  Earth stands for his talent and creativity.  People with many talent elements in their charts are likely to be demanding, perfectionist and egoistic.  Earth produces metal.  Metal is the wealth element of a fire-person.  So Steve Jobs is great in using his talent and creativity to produce wealth.  Wood is the energy source of a fire person.  His wood energy is pretty strong, so he is very resourceful.

In Chinese astrology, luck is calculated in terms of 10-years and annual luck periods. Between 2001 and 2010, Steve  had entered a 10-years luck period with strong fire and metal energies which resulted in metal and wood energies battling each other in his chart.

Wood energy seemed losing the battle.  Wood stands for liver and gallbladder in Chinese metaphysics.  Steve had pancreatic cancer in 2004 and a liver transplant in 2009.   This shows metal energy is not good for his health though it is great for his wealth.  Metal stands for wealth for a fire-person.

Steve has just moved to a new 10-year luck period this year (2011).  Unfortunately, it is still dominated by strong metal energy.  He will have three major “astrological hurdles” to jump through during this (current) 10-years luck period.

The first hurdle is shared by everyone who will be be 60 years old in 2015 (including Bill Gate).  The Chinese calender system is measured in terms of a sixty years cycle.  People who were born in 1955 or the year of “wood-ram” (yi-wei) will reach another wood-ram year in 2015.  This will create an astrological condition of “Fu-yin” or the “overlapping of annual luck pillar with birth-year pillar”.   Depending on individual astrological chart and life history,  this Fu-yin condition can be auspicious or bad omen for the person with this condition.

Unfortunate for Steve, wood or “yi” stands for liver in Chinese astrology and also Chinese Traditional Medicine.  Ram or “wei” is “wood-storage or tomb” in Chinese metaphysics.  So yi-wei year (2015) means “wood is entombed” or to Steve, his liver is “entombed”.  This could mean major liver problems for him.

What this means is that Steve Jobs should avoid metal energy, especially during 2015!

Will Bill Gate or anyone born in 1955 have this liver problem?”

No, it is simply Steve Jobs had a liver transplant and a history of metal-wood energy confrontations.  So he is more prone to have this entombment problem.

Besides the “big 60 hurdle“,  Steve Jobs is likely to have gallbladder and/or limb injuries in 2016 and a major health issue in 2017.   The energy distributions of his astrological chart in 2017 is similar to that of 2004 when he had pancreatic cancer.   2018 will also be a rough year for him.  The energy of that year will be similar to 2009 when he had his liver transplant.

The years that you should be careful with Apple stocks (if Steve Jobs is still the CEO) are: 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2021.


To keep things simple, this reading will focus on the “spaceship” building.  One major problem of circular-shaped building is the determination of the building’s  facing and sitting, especially if the building is surrounded by curved glasses.   It is difficult to give an accurate Feng Shui audit without accurate data about the facing and sitting of a building.   Energy will come in from all directions of the “spaceship”.   Energies inside the building will be mixed and “confused“.   People living in a circular-shaped building will prosper for a few years and then falling into hard time pretty quick.

The “blade”

In terms of basic Form Feng Shui, a circular building like this one is very Feng Shui unfriendly to  buildings around it.  This “spaceship” looks like a circular knife or cutter that can cut  into ANY direction.  Residents of buildings located within 100 meters with the view of the “blade” of this spaceship are likely to suffer disharmony between family members, surgeries, accidents, affairs, back-stabbing and losing money.

From the floor plan photo, the entrance seemed to be in the Northeast side, which is the auspicious wealth direction of the current 8th Feng Shui period (ends in 2023).  This reflects Steve Jobs’ current good wealth luck period even he  takes only $1 salary per year!

Campus land shape and floor plan

Apparently Steve Jobs likes wood energy as he plans to increase tree counts from 3700 to 6000.  This is interesting as his astrological chart needs wood energy to protect his liver.  There will be many many trees inside the middle of the donut or spaceship building.   This will constitute a large concentration of wood energy inside the perimeter of a metal energy building.  The result will be these two antagonistic energies fighting against each other.  The manifestation to people working in this building will be limb injuries, traffic accidents and wood related sickness.

Chinese character for “stranded”

In terms of Chinese symbology,  the word for “stranded” or “tired” is 困 (kùn).  This word consists of wood or tree inside a perimeter.  This spaceship and trees formed the imagery of the Chinese word “stranded“– definitely not auspicious according to the Chinese.

What can be deduced  from the shapes of this campus land and buildings?  The land looks like the bust of a bird with a gigantic eye and a huge mouth instead of a tiny beak.  In terms of Chinese metaphysics,  bird is considered a metal element.  A ring or circular object is also considered a metal element or QianQian stands for heaven, father, ruler, boss, active, thinking and more.

As mentioned above, metal is the wealth element for a fire-person like Steve Jobs.  But metal here means more than wealth to Steve, it also means control like heaven, huge eye to pay attention to every details, big mouth to “eat” or expand into other business channels beyond computer (now in music and phone already).  The shape of this campus echoes Steve Jobs’ “Big Brother is watching” theme in his famous 1984 Mac commercial.  

If you have read  this far,  you should know the answer already!  Here are the major points:

  • Steve Jobs has wood-related sickness (liver and pancreas).  
  • Metal energy “chops” wood energy (so it is bad for liver)
  • Circular building is strong in metal energy

The invisible hands of destiny seem to be toying with Steve Jobs.  It reflects from his unconscious pursuit of metal and wood energy– wealth and health.  You can guess what will happen to Steve’s new liver if he works inside the “spaceship” over an extended period.

Therefore, if Steve Jobs builds and moves into this spaceship edifice, it could possibly be his last office and a new beginning for Apple.

“Can you suggest some Feng Shui or metaphysics remedies for Steve?”

There are some Feng Shui and metaphysical remedies in my “Advanced Form Feng Shui”  and “Destiny and Luck Management” courses that Steve could possibly use.  But I think the effective remedy for him is following Bill Gate lead to donate a significant amount of his wealth to life-saving charities to build up his karma credit.   Steve Jobs’ health deteriorates when the new Millennium begins with the exponential increases of his fortune.  This is a case of someone who is astrologically not strong enough to handle immense wealth.  The likely consequence is severe illness or even sudden death.  By unloading excess wealth for good causes, hopefully Steve Jobs can regain his health with the karma points generated.

 (Disclosure:  I do not own any Apple or Microsoft stocks)

Ken Lai

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Joe, a friend of mine in Hong Kong, always runs into bad luck with financial decisions. He had lost his shirt when running a printing business many years ago. Property price shot up after he had sold his house. We check what stocks he bought and stay away from those stocks because the chance of price drops are very high. Earthquake happened while he was in Japan a few months ago and got stuck there for a while. We call him “Dark Dude” (黑仔 hēi zǐ) because he always runs into bad luck with financial matters.

The male side of Joe’s family has a history of dying at middle age (around 50). Joe is approaching the big 50. He wants to quit his job, travel the world and spend all his money before he dies.

“What happens if you do NOT die after you have spent all your money?” I asked Joe.

“That probably is as worse as death — I’ll be penniless and homeless.” Joe replied.

Here are Joe’s choices and possible outcomes:
1. Do nothing and accept death at around 50 years old– and died with money left
2. Do nothing and accept death at around 50 — and survived with money and job intact
3. Quit job, travel the world and spend all money– and died a happy man
4. Quit job, travel the world and spend all money– and survived as a homeless man

What choice will you advise him to take given his “track records” with his destiny? What advice can you give him to improve his chance of surviving beyond 50?

Ken Lai

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