Ken says:
I wonder all these thought drives energy things– how long will the effect last?

Guru says:
Depends on the quality of the thought
I am more interested in the space beyond thought
There is a deeper energy in the emptiness
A few have hinted at it now, both eastern and western masters

I cannot claim to fully understand it

Ken says:
Emptiness is the tai-ji
Maybe the predecessor of tai-jiwu ji
Science calls it black hole
(note:  tai-ji is the yin-yang symbol in Chinese cosmology. It evolves from wu-ji or void.)

Guru says:
It is the predecessor
But this is what they mean when they say the emptiness is not empty
There is a kind of energy associated with it
And this seems to generate thought
At least this is my rough understanding at this point

Ken says:
Let you figure it out and tell me

Guru says:
Working on it
It seems I have received the highest empowerment possible in Buddhism without even knowing it.

Ken says:
Can you fly yet?

Guru says:
Not yet
I’ll let you know

Ken says:
I’ll tell you if I fly first
Likely that will happen first
I will die before you

Guru says:

Ken Lai

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