My last message discusses the influence of Feng Shui on Bin Laden’s death and skipped the destiny and karma aspects.  This message will focus on the astrological aspects using Chinese Bazi astrology using Laden’s birth day and hour.

Bazi or “4-Pillars of Destiny” translates one’s birthday and hour into 5-elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.  By analysing the proportions, combinations and interactions between within one’s birth chart, we can explain why some events happened and predict what will happen.

OBAMA VS. BIN LADEN:  metal ox vs. fire rooster
The epic struggle between “righteous and evil” bought  President Obama and Bin Laden into a direct confrontation (note: both claim to be the righteous side).  Let’s check their current luck by examining their 4-pillars charts.  Don’t worry if you do not know Bazi terminology.  There will be “plain language” explanations after listing the charts.

YEAR: DING-YOU (fire-metal; clashing 2011 Grand Duke)
MONTH: GUI-MAO (water-wood; fan-yin with current 10-year luck)
DAY:  XIN-SI  (metal-fire)
HOUR:  GUI-SI (water-fire)

CURRENT 10-YEAR LUCK:  DING-YOU (fu-yin year-pillar, fan-yin month-pillar)
2011 ANNUAL LUCK: XIN-MAO (fan-yin 10-year luck and  year-pillar)

Many people had read Bin Linden’s chart before, so we will only focus on his current luck.  He  is a strong xin metal.  His favorable elements (yong-shen) are: fire, wood and water.  Unfavorable elements are: earth and metal.  Bin Laden’s current 10-year luck are ding-you (fire-metal) and 2011 annual luck is xin-mao (metal-wood).  Therefore half of the current luck elements are unfavorable.  But just looking at favorable/unfavorable elements is not enough.  We have to check the interactions between luck pillars and the pillars within the natal chart.

Here are Bin Laden’s destiny problems in 2011:
1.  Year pillar is identical to 10-year luck pillar (fu-yin)
— this can be positive or negative, but negative in the long run
2.  10-year luck pillar fights with month pillar (fan-yin)
— this is very serious as month branch is the “dam” of the chart, can be death for people over 50
3.  10-year luck pillar fights with 2011 annual luck pillar (fan-yin)
— prone to accident/injury and obstacles

In summary, 4 out of 6 pillars in his chart are “shaken” and his “dam” is clashed.  His animal sign rooster also clashes the Grand Duke or ruler of the year (rabbit). Something will happen even if there is no raid.

The date he died was a strong earth day which is not good for strong metal.  The way he died reflects ding-you fu-yinDing stands for fire, eye and heart in BaziDing-you is his year pillar and located in the left side of a traditional Bazi chart.  Bullet is small metal (you-metal).  One bullet blew his left eye away and one bullet hit his chest (likely to be his heart).

OBAMA 4P CHART  (short form!)
YEAR: XIN-CHOU (metal-earth)
MONTH: YI-WEI  (wood-earth)
DAY:  JI-SI  (earth-fire)
HOUR:  JIA-XU  (wood-earth)

CURRENT 10-YEAR LUCK:  GENG-YIN  (metal-wood)
2011 ANNUAL LUCK:  XIN-MAO  (metal-wood)

Obama is a strong earth, likes metal, wood and water and dislikes earth and fire.  The date he ordered action was not good for strong earth.  But Obama’s current 10-year luck is geng-yin  (metal-wood) with annual luck xin-mao (metal-wood)— all are his favorable elements.  But the major differences between his current luck and Bin Laden’s are:  Obama has no major clashes or fighting action in the pillars (other than the clash between year and month pillar, which was born with.  Bin Laden had the same situation. So both of them had divorced parents at early age).

The person with better curernt luck won the cat and mouse game.  It is a game over for Bin Laden.

If Bin Laden had escaped this raid, he probably could last till 2017 or ding-you (fire-metal) year. 

The Navy Seals? Obama? Karma? Fate? Feng Shui? Bin Laden himself? I do not have the exact answer.

Some people on the web argued that bad Feng Shui has killed Bin Laden. We could have fired CIA and let Feng Shui masters do the assassination jobs if Feng Shui were so powerful. Do you remember the Chinese saying about destiny — “Fate first, luck second and Feng Shui third“?  I would think Feng Shui at most contribute  20- 30% to his demise.

In Bin Laden’s case, Feng Shui and personal luck were synchronized.  My experience always finds bad personal luck associates with bad Feng Shui most of the time.  My past blog had written about firing your Feng Shui guy if you think your current luck is great (and hiring one if your luck sucks!).

How about karma?  This is a sensitive subject and we prefer not touching it since different people have different ideas about Bin Laden’s role in all these global events.

Mono-causal theory could not explain the forces behind Bin Laden’s death. A combination of the factors listed here— fate, karma, Obama, Feng Shui and Bin Laden himself, would probably explain it, though people may assign different weight to each factor.

Personally, I would give Feng Shui 20- 30% influence, fate and luck 60% and the balance is karma.  Karma reward or retribution do not necessarily happen in current lifetime but can be carried over to next life or even spread across a few lifetimes.

Ken Lai

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