In Bazi or 4-Pillars, there are six types of annual luck that you should pay close attention to.  It is because major events– pleasant or unpleasant, are likely to occur within those years.

  1. Violating Grand Duke (日犯岁君)injury

Grand Duke means the current year pillar “fan-yin” (opposite of) your day-pillar. For example, current year (2015) is yi-wei. Yi-wei is the Grand Duke of the year.  If your day-pillar is ji-chou, you are “violating Grand Duke“.  This is inauspicious and stands for disaster, sickness or accidents.

  1. Real Grand Duke (真太岁)

Real Grand Duke” means the one’s year pillar “fu-yin” (is identical to) current year pillar or annual luck.  This will happen once for every individual when he turns 60.  For example, current year (2015) is yi-wei, people who were born in 1955 will have their year-pillar fu-yin to current year.  If  the day-pillar and 10-year luck pillar of this person do not clash, harm or penalize Real Grand Duke,  he will be all right.  If otherwise, disasters or misfortune may strike.  

  1. Day-pillar and Annual luck pillar are identical (日年相齐)

This means day and annual luck pillars are “fu-yin“.  If birth hour and annual luck pillar do not clash, penalize or “harm” each other, then the person will be all right.  For people with low quality 4P chart or vicious symbolic stars,  they will likely to suffer mishaps.  For those with high quality charts, they are likely to be promoted and running into good luck.promotion

  1. Annual luck and 10-year-luck pillar are identical (岁运并临)

This means annual luck and 10-years-luck pillars are “fu-yin” or identical. If the stem and branch of these luck pillars are unfavorable, the person will suffer mishaps.  If favorable, double the benefits or blessing.

  1. Annual luck and 10-year-luck pillar are clashing (运岁冲克)

This means annual luck and 10-years-luck pillars are “fan-yin” or clashing. For example, yi-wei annual luck with ji-chou 10-year-luck.  This always stands for losing wealth, accidents or funeral.

  1. 10-year-luck period switching to Jia (行运换甲)

This means a gui-water 10-years-luck switching to a jia-wood 10-year-luck.  For example, switching from gui-chou to jia-yin 10-year-luck.  This is especially unfavorable for older people.  Even the ordinary 10-year-luck switching points will likely be the problematic years.

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