It is still Feb. 3 here in USA. Li-Chun or “Spring Begins” will come tomorrow. It is the official start of the solar new year as used in Feng Shui, 4P and some other Chinese astrological methods.

So today is the last day for the procrastinators to move their Feng Shui monsters like Ki-lun, ducks, pigs or whatever to the newly afflicted palaces. The new year will come at 00:51 (early zi hour) mid-night.

For those who have been suffering in Wu-zi year (2008), you ordeal will be finished in a few hours and hopefully you will be still in one piece by tomorrow.

People who like earth-energy or earth is their favorite element in their 4-pillars, the coming year will be great for you. It is a very strong earth year.

The opposite will also be true— Ji-chou year  (2009) will be very unpleasant for those who hate earth or earth is their unfavorable element. There are some 4-Pillar fixes for people who dislike earth or clashing Grand Duke. Consult your teacher for details.

For the 4P fans, here is the 4P chart of JI-Chou year (2009):

YEAR: Ji-chou (earth-earth)
MONTH: Bing-yin (fire-wood)
DAY: Geng-chen (metal-earth)
HOUR: Bing-zi (fire-water)

Happy New Year!Ken Lai


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