Last March I wrote about local officials in China tried to fake reforestation results by painting barren hills and cemeteries green.  This time we have a case of extreme Feng Shui.

Recently the villagers of Gan Shui Town of Qijiang suburban county in Chongqing municipality 重慶綦江區趕水鎮 see some painters spraying paint on a nearby white cliff.  They have painted the white cliff surface with green paint for over a week.  The painted surface area is over 2000 square meters.  The result is an ugly green cliff that does not match the color of the natural vegetation of the mountain.

A TV reporter has located the person who has bankrolled this strange paint job— Mr. Yang. Yang lives in a house near the cliff.

Of course, the first question the reporter asked is: “Why do you paint the cliff green?” 

“The white cliff affects the Feng Shui of my house.  Isn’t the cliff look great with the new paint?”  Answered Mr. Yang.

Who has authorized you to paint the cliff?” The reporter asked.

It is just a thought“.  Mr. Yang tried to avoid answering by sidetracking.

Local residents are unhappy with the “green” cliff.  They prefer the natural white color.

I think Mr. Yang is really smart.  It is more economical to paint the cliff green than “moving” the mountain away.  This had been done before as recorded in a traditional Chinese fable about “Mr. Stupid moves the mountain愚公移山”.  Mr. Stupid had sworn that he and his descendents would work to remove a mountain because it blocked his house.  Chairman Mao had used this fable to motivate Chinese citizens to do anything regardless of costs involved.  Modern CCP teaching is more practical– Mr. Stupid should have moved his house and not the mountain.

Should Mr. Yang heed to the Party guideline by simply moving?

There are also Feng Shui techniques to change the orientation of his house and thereby reduce or eliminate the effects of the white cliff.

Ken Lai

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