In 2008, I had blogged about a Chinese brown dog trying to save its deceased partner after a traffic accident. A few days a go I have stumbled onto the actual video footage in YouTube. The video is more moving than words. Here is the link:

The following is another incident about two stray dogs. The female dog was killed on the road and the brown male dog tried desperately to “revive” her. The video was broadcasted in Chinese TV and touched the hearts of millions.

The Chinese subtitles at the end of the video explain that the helper had fed the male dog a sausage. He ate half and stuffed the remaining half into the mouth of the deceased dog. The helper then poured some water into his mouth. He licked the mouth of the female dog. Eventually the male dog was exhausted trying to “revive” his partner.   Helplessly, he lay on top of the female dog.

Later, the volunteer helper had found a tree near a farm house, dug a one foot deep grave and buried the female dog under the watchful eyes of the male dog.

Proper burial or disposal of deceased animal or roadkill is good for one’s karma too.

Cats also grief like dogs. Here is a video showing a cat trying to revive its partner with its paws for hours.

Animals grief too.

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