When Chinese make offerings to their deceased relatives or hungry ghosts, they burn “joss paper money” for the ghosts to spend in the underworld.

Traditionally, this joss paper money carries the portrait of Emperor Yin Niu or “King of Hell” with a minimum denomination of 10 thousand dollars.

Recently I discover that in Taiwan, they have new “hell currencies”.  These are:
1.  $500 US dollars with Ben Franklin’s portrait
2.  $100 RMB (Chinese Yuan) with Chairman Mao’s picture
3.  NT$1000 (New Taiwan dollar)

Apparently now Hell will take US dollars and RMB.  Given the huge differential in amount per note, I wonder if the ghosts prefer the original joss paper money or the “new” US dollars or RMB.

Maybe Hell also has a mortgage crisis rendering its joss paper money value down to the toilet.

Maybe Hell people want to start their FOREX trading with RMB and US dollars.

You can do a “5-ghosts delivering wealth” ritual offering different currency and see which one brings better results.

Ken Lai

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