I was in Hong Kong last month. While I walked in a subway station, I saw billboards advertising a “5-Elements Money Market Fund”.

“Great! More work opportunities for Chinese Metaphysics folks!” I thought.

This morning, Mr. Li Zhao Ji (李兆基), a multi-billionaire, a.k.a. “Asia Stock God”
(“亞洲股神”) talks about “5-elements theory of stock trading” (炒股五行論). For details, please check the following link (in Chinese):

http://www.cdnews. com.tw/cdnews_ site/docDetail. jsp?coluid= 114&docid= 100391326

http://news. xinhuanet. com/fortune/ 2007-12/05/ content_7203235. htm

For basic theory of stock trade and 5-elements, please click this link (in Chinese):
http://hkstock. cnfol.com/ 080212/132, 1357,3778655, 00.shtml

In the last few years, some well-intended folks are trashing 5-elements applications in 4P, Feng Shui and others.

While there are limits of 5-elements, they are still the cornerstone of Chinese Metaphysics.

5-elements are not just physical metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

To apply 5-elements theory in terms of qi (energy), in terms of actual physical elements or just in terms of symbols, is situation-specific. It is not easy to throw out the 5-element concept without upsetting the whole equation.

Humans and living beings are all under the influence of 5-elements. You either become an immortal or dead when 5-elements stop affecting you.

Well, time for a cup of tea (Darn! Water-element controls me again! Maybe I should draw a Kan hexagram and eat it instead.)

Ken Lai

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