Lately, an old argument pops up in different discussion forums — can astrology predict the life events (like marriage, sickness, accidents, wealth…) of a person?

This question used to be the million dollars question, but due to inflation and devaluation of U.S. dollar, it becomes a $250 million question.

There are two major perspectives on this question. First one is shared by those masters or practitioners who incline to wear the “scientific hat” in explaining things. I call them the “trendy guys”.

The trendy guys said that astrological methods like 4P and ZWDS cannot really predict when someone marries, gives births, gets sick or dies and the likes. These methods just give a “trend” of someone’s luck or the ups and downs of personal energy patterns.

The second camp is the “intuition guys”. They will say “yes” to the question. Indeed you can predict life events of your clients to a certain extent PROVIDED the client and you (the astrological reader) have affinity or “feel” with each other. Simply put, if there is “click” between the two parties, the practitioner’s intuition will make correct predictions.

“Hi Ken, which camp do you belong to? ”

(Put on my “Ken Solomon” or smart-ass hat)

“I belong to both camps”. When there is no “click” between me and the client, the reading becomes a “trend analysis”. When there is affinity, whatever mumble jumbo I utter will fit perfectly, even when there are data errors!

Here is my $250 million to you, good enough to buy a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe.

Ken Lai

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