The top two most read articles of this blog over the years were written in March 2010.  Both articles involve 3-penalties–  “The 4P Secrets of Brother Shape Fashion Icon” and “Bazi: Tiger-snake-monkey and Dog-ox-ram 3-penalities“.

To thank your support here, I write a little more on 3-penalties (3P) and add something new here– self-penalties.

THREE PENALTIES                                                                                                                        3-penalties are derived from the interactions between 3-unities (San-he) and 3-meetings (San-hui).   See the table below:


From column 1, we can derive:

  1. Shen-yin-si 3-penalties
  2. Hai-hai self-penalty

From column 2, we can derive:

  1. Zi-mao/ Mao-zi 3-penalties*
  2. You-you self-penalty
  3. Wu-wu self-penalty

* Some schools consider zi-wu-mao as a 3-penalties and not zi-mao

From column 3, we can derive:

  1. Chen-chen self-penalty
  2. Xu-chou-wei 3-penalties                                                                                                                             


A “static 3P” is formed when a natal chart has all the 3 components of a 3P.  “Static” means little or no negative effect showing up yet.accident

A natal chart has only one or two components of a 3P and when luck periods bring in the remaining 3P component/s, the chart will have a “active 3P“.  “Active” means the effect of 3P in action.

A static 3P becomes an “active 3P” when luck period/s bring in any one of the 3P components.  Effects of 3P (negative or positive depending on the chart) may occur to the person/ event represented by the palace/ star being clashed by the 3P luck elemAssent.

Yin-si-shen: Penalty of Ingratitude 无恩之刑

People with yin-si-shen 3-penalties in their natal charts are likely rebellious, defiant and resistant to authority and discipline. The effects of this 3P are traffic accidents, surgeries, injuries, losing wealth, imprisonment and sickness.

Xu-chou-wei: Penalty of Upper-hand Bullying 恃势之刑imprison

This 3P is not as serious as yin-si-shen because it is all earth elements coming together.  Males with this penalty are mostly involved in imprisonment.  For females, xu-chou-wei 3P within natal chart means a tortuous life.  They are likely neurotic, superstitious, not too smart (due to too much earth), jinxing close relatives and prone to surgery and miscarriage.

Zi-mao: Penalty of impertinence 无礼之刑

Zi is water and mao is wood.  Zi and mao are both “peach blossom” elements.  This 3P may involve disaster or losing wealth due to lust or improper relationship.  It may alsaffairo be an over-protective parent spoiling her child (“too much water rotting/ floating wood“) or a child demands too much from his parent (“too much wood dries up water“).  Translating to reality, this means one’s well-intended assistance may not be accepted by other party OR the other party takes one’s help for granted and asks for more.  I also find people with this penalty in their chart are likely be blamed for whatever nice things they do for others instead of getting appreciation.

Negative effects of 3P can be mitigated if there are “Nobleman” (symbolic stars) like Tian-yi Nobleman within their charts.  My “Destiny and Luck Management with Bazi” courses also have methods to neutralize or reduce the effect of 3P.

Self-penalties () “zi xing”

This is based on the principle of same polarity repels. The following are self-penaltshoot_footies:

  • Wu and wu 
  • Chen and chen
  • You and you
  •  Hai and hai

People with self-penalty are stubborn, cannot let go and like to dwell on trivialities.  They are likely “shooting themselves on the foot” type and have depression tendency.

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