0000bossyBossy” is a politically correct term for “bitch” here.  Below are Feng Shui conditions that will increase the dominance or power of women in a house.  These Feng Shui conditions are not necessarily negative IF the women are subservient to the men in a family and modify their house Feng Shui to make men less dominant.


  1. Kitchen is bigger than bedroom.
  2. The total size of kitchen and dinning room are bigger than the living room
  3. Wrong main door color:  In Feng Shui, main door direction is the “red phoenix” direction and should use “yang” or brighter color.  Back side is the “black tortoise” with “yin” or low profile color. What this means the main door facing outside should be in bright color (“yang“) and the back of the door should be dark color.   If the front door is in black or darker color, the “yin-yang” is inverted and promotes “yin” or woman power in the house.
  4. Right side of your house is bigger than the left side (or left side has missing corner):  Left side represents man and right side the woman of the house.  Bigger right side means the woman has more power over the man.
  5. Assuming the left and right side of the house are equal in size, but the right side has more stuff like heavy furniture and activities there.  These would also increase female dominance.

Now women can blame Feng Shui for being bossy.  Men can said bad Feng Shui make them not standing up to their bossy wives.  Self-esteem of all the parties restored.  But the best remedy is to hire a Feng Shui practitioner to fix these problems OR take my Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” w/23 hr. HD video.

Ken Lai

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