gambling2The tips below are for increasing the probability of winning in small group gambling like table games (blackjack, poker and the likes) and Chinese mahjog.  These games are characterized by a small group of people, usually less than 10,  sit around a table and play.

I deliberately do NOT explain the rationale behind the tips below (take my “Visual Form Feng Shui” course if you are curious).  You may understand the theories behind if you have studied Feng Shui.


  1. Sitting location:  Your back must have a wall or a tall object as your “back support“.  It must not be empty or your wealth luck will suffer.
  2. Facing:  Your facing direction must be open and wide.  It is even better this open space is connected to the main door to receive wealth energy from outside. This affects the magnitude of your wealth luck.
  3. See no toilet:  Your facing must NOT seeing/facing a toilet.
  4. No toilet at your back: Your back location must not be a toilet.
  5. Round table:  If sitting around a round table, sit at the side that has a wall.
  6. Square table:  If sitting around a square or rectangular table, sit at the side with a wall.  If the side has two seats, sit at the right side.  If the side has 3 seats, sit in the middle.  If the side has 4 seats, sit at the third seat (counting from the left), if you cannot get the third seat, sit on the 4th seat.
  7. Avoid traffic:  If you cannot get the ideal seat, avoid the seat on the side with walking traffic at your back.
  8. Time-out:  Take a break to “recharge” your energy when someone keeps winning (to interrupt his winning streak energy) or you keep losing.

These tips have been tested and found high accuracy in predicting who will win or loss in small group social gambling situation.

Similar principles can be applied to casino situation.  Avoid dealer with a back support like a wall or tall object.  Sit at the right side of a table (but make sure there are people in your left side) and avoid opening/ door at your back.  Unfortunately, it is rare to find back support/ wall for gamblers in casinos.  So at the least, find a dealer with an empty space at his back, the bigger the better.

A student of mine has combined Imperial Qi-Men-Dun-Jia and Bazi to win slot machines in casinos.  His winnings are more than enough to pay for my courses and more.

Disclaimer:  There is no guarantee for anyone to win in any gambling situation.  The author of this post will not be responsible for any losses/ profits resulting from any application of the tips listed in this post. 

Ken Lai

© 2017 Ken Lai, all rights reserved.

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