wealthluckMost people wish they have good wealth luck.  But according to yin-yang principle in Chinese metaphysics, positives exist only because negatives also exist.  The “goodies” that come with good wealth luck also accompany with some disadvantages or misfortunes.

Below are some of the disadvantages:


1.  Strong wealth elements imply numerous affairs

— Wealth element in male Bazi chart means wealth luck and woman luck.  Men with strong wealth luck usually includes “pian-cai” or “-wealth”.  This means mistress and numerous girl friends, creating difficulties in maintaining a “normal” or harmonious marital relationship.  This is easy to comprehend even without Bazi knowledge– men with money are likely to use money to attract women, not to mention some women like men with money.

2. Strong wealth elements could mean jinxing daymaster’s (DM) mother

— In Bazi formula, wealth controls resource.  What DM controls is wealth.  What gives birth to DM is resource element or mother.  For example, the mother of a Geng-metal DM is earth.  Wealth of a metal DM is wood.  By 5-elements theory, wood controls earth.  When a Geng-metal DM with strong wealth elements (wood), it means he also jinxing his mother (earth).   This usually means mother is chronically sick, suffers premature death or bad relationship with DM.

3. Strong wealth elements could mean unfilial or stupid offspring

— In Bazi formula, what DM nurtures or produces is shi-shen and shang-guan (output or children). DM’s output or talent produces wealth.  Hence wealth drains output or children.  DM with strong wealth elements will drain output even further and hence stupid or unfilial children.  We all have read about how rich kids squandered their family fortune.

Of course,  not every rich person will suffer these disadvantages due to other combinations in their natal chart like their social and karma background.

The definition of happiness is different for different people.  If one thinks rocky marital relationship, lacking maternal love and producing stupid kids, can justify good wealth luck, then these are not their disadvantages but “cost of doing business” for good wealth luck.  Some may think these sacrifices may be too much for good wealth luck.

I hope you feel better if your wealth luck is less than ideal.

Ken Lai

© 2017 Ken Lai, all rights reserved.

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