The calculation of annual Wealth God location is based on the year stem of current year.  The location that is “controlled” by the year stem is the annual wealth or Wealth God location.  Here is the original Chinese formula:AnnualWealthGod



  • Wealth God location for Jia and Yi years is northeast.
  • Check southwest for Bing and Ding years
  • North is the location for Wu and Ji years
  • Wealth God is in the east for Geng and Xin years
  • South side for Ren and Gui years.
  • These are all the real locations of Wealth God.


  1. The location should not be a missing or protruded corner.
  2. The location should not have window or door to leak wealth energy.
  3. The location should not be toilet or kitchen.
  4. The location should not be pointed at by a sharp corner.
  5. The location should not have freezer, air-conditioner or broken items sitting on it.
  6. The location should be bright and not dark.
  7. The location should not have mirror/s.

To enhance your wealth luck, stay in the Wealth God location to absorb wealth energy often by putting your sofa or working desk there.   Put wide-leaves plants and wealth symbols there if you are unable to sit in that location.

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