tree_front2Big tree” here means trees with a 12 inches or 25 cm or larger diameter trunk.

Some city governments, like Toronto in Canada, specifies home builders to plant a tree in front of the main door of each new house.  After 10 years or so, these small trees become big trees with serious Feng Shui implications.


Below are some notes taken from “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” manual:

  1. A tree in front of the main door is called “heart piercing sha” or “tree god blocks road” is very bad Feng Shui.  It stands for blockage in life and illness like liver problems.
  2. If there is a tree in the left side of the main door, it is called “green dragon tree“.  It stands for protection, nurturing and male helpful people/ mentors.
  3. If there is a tree in the right side of the main door without a corresponding sized tree in the left side, it is called “white tiger tree“.  It stands for dominant women in the house, negative peach-blossom (mistress) or unwelcome female guests.
  4. Tree located in front of main door resonates with residents inside the house. If branches has problem, someone inside the house will have hand or tendon problem.  If the tree trunk has problem, resident’s body may have corresponding problem.  If the trunk is drilled a hole, someone in the house will have surgery or bleeding ulcer.
  5. Seeing willow trees in front of main door— residents are likely to have mental problems.
  6. Dying trees in front of main door—stands for blood related sickness, especially bleeding ulcer.
  7. Trees near windows should not have branches growing into or touching the windows– this may cause eye problems to the residents.
  8. Tree touching the roof of a house– moving-in guests do not want to leave.

For remedies and cures, either consult your Feng Shui teacher or take this course:

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