000hauntedhouseHaunted house refers to houses with supernatural events like ghost disturbance.  House with inauspicious Feng Shui is a building in which the residents suffer bad luck, illness, misfortunes, accidents and the like.  Certain groups of people can live in these houses without suffering any negative effect.  In terms of Feng Shui, we say these people’s energy field (qi) is strong enough to overwhelm the negative energies or “sha-qi” (killing energy).

The people below can handle or live in houses with ghosts or bad Feng Shui:

1.  Military people

These include soldiers who handle weapons and direct combat.  It does not include support people like mess cooks or military people who only do civilian duties.  Military people posses strong “sha-qi” because of handling weapons that take lives away. 

2.  Butchers and hunters (also executioners)

These people kill animals like pigs, horses, rams, deer, cows and the like.  They carry “sha-qi” like the military people that spirits and ghosts are afraid of.  The used butcher knives and guns are good enough to scare spirits away. 

3.  True religious people

People like priests, monks, nuns and so on.  This does not include those who are not sincere and use religion as a front for other purposes.

4.  Congregation of young people like a youth hostel or dormitory

Young people are strong in “yang” or positive energy that can neutralize negative or “yin” energy like ghosts.

5.  Individuals who are strong in “yang energy”

People who are not afraid of walking in the dark and with unusual high level of courage are said to have a high level of “yang energy“.

6.  Individuals who have “hard” lives

People who either have a tough destiny of “hard” or poor lives or those who have a Bazi chart that jinxes people around them.

7.  Righteous people

Ghosts and spirits will not violate people who are like a sage or who have not done any negative thing or who do righteous activities all the time.


Ken Lai

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