Below is a list of inauspicious Feng Shui images that you do not want to see upon entering one’s house or at the door.stairway

  1. Greet by a wall— may cause obstacles in life and declining luck
  2. See a mirror— deflects away good energies coming into the house and absorbs negative energies into the house
  3. See a toilet—  greeting guest with foul energy; attracting bickering and disharmony among family members 
  4. See a stairway—  leaking energy and wealth
  5. See bedroom—  attracting lust and affairs
  6. See the kitchen— causing lawsuits, wealth losses and hot temper
  7. Walks under heavy beam over the door—  disunity among family members and dwindling luck
  8. See the balcony through the door— leaking qi or energy, hurting people and failure to accumulate wealth and keep people in the family
  9. See 3 doors in a straight line—  “sword piercing heart sha” that hurts people and loses wealth
  10. See piles of shoes/ garbage— negative qi suppresses residents’ luck; difficult life for the residents and attracting “mean people” or backstabbers.
  11. See objects like knife, sword, gun, tiger, snake and etc.— unsettling family with bloody events and lawsuits

Most of the above are under traditional Form Feng Shui area.  Consult a Feng Shui practitioner for remedy or take this course:

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