This is my 600th article.  It takes me 20 years to reach this milestone.  Hopefully you will see my 1200th article in 20 years.suicide

To mark this occasion, I have spent extra time and effort to write this suicide prevention article.  It can also predict the likely year, month, day or hour when one dies.

This method was derived from a acupuncture classic “Encyclopedia of Acupuncture 针灸大成 written by a TCM doctor Yang Ji Zhou (杨继洲)  in Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644).  The method was developed based on his clinical and Yi-jing studies.

This method was integrated into the Medicine Buddha sect by renaming the 12 animals signs employed with the 12 Medicine Buddha Guardian Generals.

This method matches one’s Chinese birth animal sign to a certain birth hour.  This person would likely commit suicide if his/ her birth hour matches that hour.   Check the table below:predict_suicide

For example, if you were born in 1984 Year of Rat and the birth hour is 18:00 rooster or you hour.  You are suicide prone.  The likely hour of suicide or serious misfortune is either rooster or you hour (17-19:00) or rabbit or mao hour (5- 7:00).  The likely month and day to happen will be rooster (you) or rabbit (mao) month/ day.   The month and day are in Chinese solar calendar.  You can use to find out the exact animal signs of your birthday, month and hour.   You may also use this link to convert your date to Chinese solar calendar with animal signs:

For your convenience, here is the birth year and animal sign table.  Please be aware that birthdays before February 3 are considered as previous year.


“Ken, using the previous rat sign person example, how about if this person was NOT born in that suicide prone hour?”

The rooster (you) and rabbit (mao) years, months, days and hours are likely his time of departing this earth and time to avoid for major activities and decisions.  In other words, these are his unfavorable timings.

Here is a real life example.  Hong Kong movie star and singer Leslie Cheng had committed suicide by jumping from a hotel in April 1, 2003 at 18:41 (rabbit month, rooster hour).  He was born in 1956 (Monkey Year) in a rabbit hour– suicide prone hour.  He had passed in a rooster hour and rabbit month (matching the table above). 


You may check the birth animal and hour of yourself, your love ones and friends to see if they were born in a suicide prone hour.  There are only two possibilities:

1. Matching the suicide prone hour:  you may want to advise this person and people around him/ her to avoid putting too much pressure or unrealistic expectations on this person.  Tell him or her to relax and take it easy, especially during the unfavorable hours (and day) listed in the table above.  This is especially relevant for parents who put too much pressure on their children for academic success.

2. Does not match the suicide prone hour:  The hours listed in the table are the less favorable time or inauspicious (also in terms of month and day).  People should avoid using those timing to make major decisions or taking risks.

Ken Lai
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