1b4P_health_title_screenNote:  Below is an excerpt from the reference manual of my upcoming video correspondence course “Applied Bazi:  Sickness Forecasting and Management“. 


In Bazi, shang-guan (+output) relates to lust, sexual desire, indulgence, willfulness or “open minded”. Shang-guan (SG) also represents the genital of both male and female.

When shang-guan in a chart is clashed or penalized or hurt, it could mean venereal disease for the daymaster (DM).

If a chart does not have any shang-guan, shi-shen (SS or -output) will take its place.  If both SG and SS do not show up in a chart, look for the source of SG/SS– bi-jian or jie-cai (peer stars).  If none of the above shows up, day-branch will represent DM’s genital.  It also represents DM’s sex life, belief and behaviors.couple

Charts with the following characteristics are prone to venereal diseases (VD):

  1. Shang-guan (SG) is too strong or too weak

SG is too strong means daymaster (DM) has more love and sexual drive demands.  S/he may look for multiple partners and hence higher chance of getting VD.  Also SG too strong itself is a sign of illness.  SG too weak is likely to get VD infection– likely to happen when it is clashed or subdued by luck period.

  1. Unfavorable element (“annoying god”) sits on day-branch

This implies that DM’s body, especially the lower part or the genital, is prone to infection for male or gynecological sickness for female.

  1. Day-branch is clashed by an excessive strong element (aka “sickness god“)

This implies a potential sickness may happen in the lower part of DM’s body.  This sickness relates to the genital for male or gynecological sickness for female.  DM should be careful with his/ her sex life and partners.

  1. Output star/s are clashed or combined

DM with weak output star under this condition is prone to impotence. DM with strong output star under this condition has strong sexual energy.  The strength level of output star in a chart reflects the sexual prowess of a person.  Strong DM with strong output stars has strong sexual energy.  Weak DM with strong output stars has strong sexual desire but cannot “perform“.

  1.  Day-branch is too cold or too hot

Day branch is sat by fire and fire energy is too strong in chart (and no water to adjust temperature), DM is likely have problem in semen production and prone to flu/ cold or gynecological sickness or VD.

(There are 3 more characteristics not listed here but in the manual).

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