If you have one or more of the following characteristics in your Bazi chart, you could become a psychic, medium, metaphysics person and the likes easily.psychic2

Bazi charts with:

  1. Zheng-yin/ pian-yin (resource stars):  People with resource stars in both stem and branch level are likely to have psychic ability, studying and practicing religions/ metaphysics related careers.
  2. Mao-you clash:  People with this clash in their chart has strong intuition and sixth sense. My own “psychic antenna” suddenly turns on when I have a mao-you clash luck period.
  3. 4-cardinal elements: zi, wu, mao and you is the 4-cardinal elements with relatively pure and strong water, fire, wood and metal energies.  These elements also represent north, south, east and west 4-cardinal directions. They are also the 4-peach-blossom elements.  Hence it is not uncommon to hear sex scandals in these circles.
  4. Strong shi-shen/ shang-guan (output stars): Output stars represents intellect and intuition.  People with strong output stars are sensitive to different frequencies of energies.
  5. Strong pian-yin (-resource):  Resource stars stand for reception of signals from the universe and knowledge.  Zheng-yin (+resource) stands for main-stream signals and religions.  Pian-yin (-resource) stands for non-traditional signal and religions.
  6. Jia-wood and ding-fire in stem level:  Jia-wood is the first element of the 10-stems.  Ding-fire stands of starry light.  When ding-fire meets Jia-wood in a chart, it will brightly lit up Jia-wood for a long time.
  7. Gui-water daymaster (DM):  Gui-water is the yin-est element of the 10-stems.  Yin element is associated with supernatural ghostly/ psychic events.  Gui-water DM usually is soft-spoken, passive and sensitive to yin elements and supernatural phenomena.
  8. Yin-day and yin-hour birthday:  These are people who were born in yin days/ hours.  Yin days/ hours are days/ hours with yi, ding, ji, xin, and gui stems and chou, mao, si, wei, you and hai branches. People born in yin day/hour can easily attain psychic ability.  If all the 4 pillars in a chart are yin, this DM could be a spokesperson for deity or spirit.
  9. Huá gài shen-sha (Loner-talent 华盖) : Hua-gai is the symbolic star for someone interested in metaphysics and religions.  People with this star are usually religious, intelligent but non-sociable.  Most metaphysics students, including myself, have this star in their charts.   Check below to see if you have this star:psychic1
  • If your day-branch is:  shen, zi or chen, your hua gai is chen
  • If your day-branch is:  hai, mao or wei, your hua gai is wei
  • If your day-branch is:  si, you or chou, your hua gai is chou
  • If your day-branch is: yin, wu or xu, your hua gai is xu
  1. Tai-ji Nobleman shen-sha (太极贵人) This star stands for interest in mysterious and divine knowledge.  You have this star:
  • if your day-stem is Jia- or Yi-wood with BOTH zi and wu
  • if your day-stem is Bing- or Ding-fire with BOTH mao and you 
  • if your day-stem is Wu-earth with BOTH chen and xu 
  • if your day-stem is Ji-earth with BOTH chou and wei 
  • if your day-stem is Geng- or Xin-metal with BOTH yin and mao
  • if your day-stem is Ren- or Gui-water with BOTH si and shen 

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