What are these monsters?  Jurasic Park escapees?

Now you see a happy Ki-lun family guarding current year’s San-sha location (north, hai, zi and chou mountains) in my house.

San-sha is a negative energy that changes location every year.  Construction like digging and movements should be avoided in San-sha location or sickness or disaster will strike.  In Feng Shui, the remedy is usually putting a pair of Ki-lun facing the San San locations.  For current year of 2018, north (hai, zi and chou mountains) is the San-sha location.

Ki-lun must be applied in pairs– one male and one female with a baby Ki-lun.  Place  male Ki-lun on the left side and female on the right.

A word of caution– Ki-lun is a very righteous animal and hates “bad” people.  Do not use Ki-lun to fix San-sha if you are less than decent or Ki-lun may kick your behind.

“Ken, I cannot get Ki-lun in my part of the world.”

“Ken, I cannot afford this expensive Ki-lun.”

“Ken, I am not Chinese. Ki-lun looks like a monster and does not match my house decor.”

Today is your lucky day.  I have answers for all your concerns.  Here are all Ki-lun remedy alternatives that may cater to your economic and cultural background.

Solving affordability and availability problems

You may print out the above Ki-lun photo and put it facing the San-sha direction.

Solving the cultural background or decoration problems

San-sha is a “sha-qi” or strong vicious energy.  We may use a strong energy to balance it out.  Here are two examples of items that westerners may use to counter-act San-sha energy.

1.  Archangel St. Michael — put his statue or picture in the San-sha location.

2.  Cannon— put a model cannon or  a picture of cannon facing San-sha location.  Make sure your cannon is pointing towards outside of your house.  The cannon in the enclosed photo was used by Sir Wellington to battle Napolean.  It has tons of “sha-qi”.

Using logic and reasoning, you don’t need to have a Jurassic Park (Feng Shui monsters edition) in your house to fix your Feng Shui.  You could easily find substitutes based on balance and 5-elements theory.

Ken Lai

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