Note:  This is an updated version of the original blog written in 2010 with certain identifying info removed.

There are rotating circular house videos and pictures floating around the web like this one:

The biggest problem of doing Feng Shui for circular houses, especially rotating ones, is the determination of the sitting and facing of the house.

One way to have non-rotating door is to “hang” the donut-shaped house onto a cylindrical pillar that does not rotate– like a mushroom.

“Mushroom” design has an disadvantage of seeing a wall upon entering the house– not great for psychological well-being.  The “Form Feng Shui” implication for the residents will be “hitting obstacles wherever they go“. Besides, energy or qi does not flow well with this design.

Some Feng Shui schools use the “yang-est” (brightest) side as facing.
Determining the facing will be problematic
a circular house has “360 degree view” or windows around its perimeter.

In addition, some rotating circular houses rotates one round within an hour or two, the qi or energies entering the house will be very mixed or simply neutralized each other out.

In terms of Form Feng Shui, circle stands for metal energy.  I have seen hospitals in Mexico, Singapore and some other countries are built into circular shape–  metal energy is good for doing surgery.  Residents whose energy profile like wood or wood in nature will suffer limp injury or traffic accidents. But it is good for professionals who are surgeons or doctors.

The probability having a spiral staircase in the middle of the house for mushroom-shaped house is pretty high.  This is another “Feng Shui hazard’ in terms of Form Feng Shui.  It looks like a giant cork-screw twisting into the heart of the house.  The Feng Shui implication is certain person in the house will have higher probability of suffering heart problem or accident.

There are some positive features that one can derive from a rotating house.  For examples:

(note: all examples here require limiting rotating to 45 degrees once every 3 months or at most once a month)

  • arrange your bedroom sector or where one stays most of the time to sit on the current “timely” star of the year (eg. 8-white star) to enhance wealth luck
  • arrange your bedroom to sector that promotes health or recuperation
  • arrange your bedroom to 1-6-8 star locations to “make” a baby boy

The principle is simple– always put your ass on the sectors with auspicious star combinations.

In short, a rotating house, especially the ones with a rotating door, is Feng Shui researchers’ delight to do scientific experiments to verify various Feng Shui theories and claims.  We need someone like Bill Gates who would donate a few billions for Feng Shui enthusiasts to do experiments.

“Hi Ken, can you give some Feng Shui tips to the residents of rotating houses?”

The residents can rotate the house in such a way that the auspicious stars fall onto their bedrooms sectors and turn off the rotating motor in the evenings.  So the residents can absorb positive energies during their sleep instead of the aimless energy flows during the day.  They need to replace the spiral staircase with something non-spiral or tragedy is likely to happen within 6 years or no longer than 12 years.

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