Below are general meanings of earthly branch clashes in Bazi:

1.  Zi-wu clash (similar to gui-ding clash)

  • unstable life

2.  Mao-you clash (similar to yi-xin clash)

  • losing credibility and promises not kept
  • worrisome and overworked
  • disputes due to lust.

3.  Yinshen clash (similar to Jia-geng/ bing-ren clashes)

  • showering love on uninterested party
  • over-inquisitive on other’s business

4.  Si-hai clash (similar to Bing-ren/ geng-shen clashes)

  • meddlesome
  • eager to help people

5.  Chen-xu clash (similar to yi-xin/ gui-ding clashes)

  •  jinxing close relatives
  • hurting children
  • short life-expectancy

6.  Chou-wei clash (similar to yi-xin/ gui-ding clashes)

  • encountering obstacles in life

7.  Year branch clashing month branch

  •  Daymaster (DM) is likely leaving home town or country

8.  Year branch clashing day branch

  • DM has problem getting along with parents

9.  Year branch clashing hour branch

  • DM has problem getting along with children or children die prematurely

10.  Year branch clashing day, month and hour branches

  • DM is irritable or violent or a chronically sick.

11.  Day branch clashing month branch

  • DM has problem getting along with parents and siblings

12.  Clashes of 4-cardinal elements (zi-wu-mao-you)

  • means clashing of geographic location with change of residence but not career

13.  Clashes of 4-subcardinal elements (yin-shen-si-hai)

  •  means clashing of career and residence with changes of both career and residence

14.  Clashes of 4-storage/ tomb elements (chen-xu-chou-wei)

  • means clashing of career with change of career but not residence

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