Recent news report that artist Prince’s prolonged hip problem may have contributed to his overdose on painkiller and untimely death.  Besides scientific explanations that human bones supposedly last around 50 years of wear and tear, I wonder if his hip problem has any correlation with the Feng Shui of his Paisley Park.

Although I have never visited Paisley Park, I can still check out its Feng Shui conditions by looking into the shapes of the building using Google Map over the internet.  This is done using Chinese Form Feng Shui.

From the notated diagram, we can see northwest corner of the building has a big “missing corner“.  But it is partially compensated with a fence.

Southeast side is also “missing” though the south and east are also partially missing.

In Chinese Feng Shui, each direction or sector represents certain people, events and objects.  The followings are a summary that is relevant to this article:

  • Northwest:  father, male owner of property, head, large intestine
  • Southwest: mother, abdomen, stomach
  • East: Elder son, feet, liver
  • Southeast:  elder daughter, buttock (hips), gallbladder
  • North:  middle son, ears, kidney
  • South:  middle daughter, eyes, heart
  • Northeast:  younger son, hands, spleen
  • West:  Younger daughter, mouth, lungs

According to Chinese Feng Shui, the missing corner of a house will affect the residents in terms of what the missing corner represents.  For example, Paisley Park has a missing southeast corner.  Southeast represents elder daughter (can also be wife of the house), buttock and gallbladder.  It implies that this house may not have daughter (or wife) or daughter does not like to stay home or she suffers illness or bad luck; resident may have buttock or gallbladder problems.  Prince has hip problem which fits the Feng Shui prediction.

Paisley Park’s northwest side is also missing but with a fence to fill the void. So the Feng Shui symptoms are not as evident.  Northwest also represents helpful people/ mentor, fame and wealth.  My humble opinion thinks Prince should have been more famous, wealthy and influential like Elvis.  Maybe this partially missing northwest corner is the culprit.

Besides the missing corners, the circular-shaped building at the right side of the main building has its share of tragic Feng Shui consequences.

In Form Feng Shui, this circular building is called a “sickle sha“.  It looks like the blade of a sickle (or a circular saw) cutting into the northeast and east side of the building.  Both northeast and east represent “son” in Feng Shui.  Prince had a son named Gregory who died a week after birth due to Pfeiffer syndrome in 1996, “a rare defect of the skull” (Is this due to missing northwest corner which represents head?) .  His wife had a miscarriage not long afterwards.

prince-paisley-park-sickleEast also represents feet which is “cut” by this circular-shaped building– Prince had feet problem due to wearing high heeled shoes during performance and eventually causing hip problems.

There are more advanced Feng Shui and astrological explanations for Prince’s untimely death.  But it is too technical to present the details here.

Feng Shui dislikes missing corners in a property.  Make sure that northwest, southwest and northwest corners are not missing when you purchase a property.

RIP Prince

Ken Lai