The essence of Feng Shui is about balance of static and dynamic elements around our living environment. clocks

According to Yi-jing (“Book of Changes”, the source of Chinese civilization),  “Auspiciousness and inauspiciousness are generated from movements 吉凶悔咎生乎动).  Hence the placement of moving objects in any location, especially inside your home, could affect the well-being of residents much faster than stationary objects.  Items like fish-tank, water-fountain, clocks and the like should be placed with great caution.

For this post, the focus is on clocks, but the principles for other moving objects are similar.


  1. One clock per room/location: Too many clocks within a room will confuse the energy there.  People may feel uneasy or distressed.
  2. Clock shapes:  should be square/ rectangular or circular shaped.  Avoid triangular, hexagon and octagon shapes.  Odd-shaped clocks could generate bickering and arguments.
  3. Bed room clocks: should be small and not too big.  Big clocks may cause distress and frequent separations for the couple.
  4. Big or grand-father clocks are not suitable for small home.  It creates imbalance visually and energetically.
  5. Clock should be placed in auspicious location and facing inauspicious direction to block and convert negative energy.
  6. Do not put movement (clock!) in 5-yellow disaster and 2-black sickness star locations or you will suffer disasters or sickness.  Exception is the grandfather clock with brass/copper bells which is the remedy of 5-yellow and 2-black stars.

Ken Lai

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