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Someone has posted Obama’s birth certificate in the web. It matches my estimation of his birth hour— 7pm, Xu or dog hour.

I’ve estimated it is Xu hour because Obama rises to the top pretty quickly, so he must have some sort of 3-penalties. And his charts shows he has a “built-in” 3-penalties. Also Xu hour matches the predictions of his ZWDS chart too.

Enclosed is the 4-Pillars chart of Obama. You can match his life events with the links below.


Obama’s year and month pillars “fan yin” or fight against each other from top to bottom, indicates an unstable and difficult childhood.

The void branches are interesting! Void means nothing or “not there“. Obama has void branches in both spouse and children palace. His wife Michelle could have be a goner easily, had the day branch si not been the void branch. Same to Obama, he would have suffered many accidents and surgeries.

It is possible that Michelle Obama may have a “tough” or “equally-jinxing” 4P chart herself (I’ve not checked it yet) which may even out with her husband’s.

Void branches at children palace or hour pillar may mean– the day-master (Obama) has little or no karma with children (either little relationship, physically separated or children die prematurely) or does not get support from children during old age. He is unlikely to have male heir.

You may notice that major events are likely to happen when Obama’s 3-penalty elements show up again in annual luck. His father had died of an auto accident in Xu year (1982). Xu is part of the 3-penalties element.

Also when hai or pig year comes, it clashes with his “bloody knife” or spouse palace. His “mother star” resides in spouse palace, hinting close relationship or significant influence on him. Obama’s mother had died in a hai year (1995) with ovarian cancer (sickness matches the hai element).

See if you can track down his “sources” of current power lucks– the power that may propel him to become the first black president of the United States. It is in the branches…. it is pretty powerful. But you may need my “4P Bootcamp” manual to figure that out.

Obama’s hidden potential for power and leadership is much stronger than what he has shown externally. His “power luck” runs for 20 years and will be gone when he reaches 60 years old.

Obama’s 3-penalties seems to affect his close relatives more— father and mother had died relatively young. Too bad that I am older than Obama and may not live long enough to see how his 3-penalties affect his own wife and children.

3-penalties jinx close relatives more than the day-master. However, 3-penalties can be positive under certain conditions.

There is a “loner with few relatives” (gua-su) shen-sha in his hour pillar. Hour pillar stands for the last stage of his life. So this hints that he may live alone with most close relatives passed away or live far away when he gets old.

Also, if Obama gets elected, 2009 (ji-chou year) does not seem to be his lucky year!! Annual Ji (his bi-jian, peer or competitor) may snatch his “guan” or power. This may mean losing his presidency (a possible death or scandal, as chou is also a 3-penalties element), facing tough competitions or pressure from peers, OR disgraced in his old job if not elected. But the probability of occurrence seems low as his overall current 10-year luck is still positive. Besides, he has both Tian-De and Yi-De Nobleman stars to pull him out of trouble.

I deliberately read only part of the chart, so that you may have fun doing your own reading and interpretations.

Ken Lai

PS: I do not vote for any candidate. If you have problem following the terms used here or want to learn more about the paradox of 3-penalties, you may want to take my “4-Pillars Bootcamp” correspondence course w/12 hours video.

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