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  • How to avoid the sickness that you are prone to based on your natal chart?
  • The Bazi “DNA” of major illnesses like breast cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer and the like?
  • How to identify popular illnesses from a natal chart and predict when the sickness may occur?
  • When major sickness and/or misfortune will likely happen to you (and try to avoid or mitigate the impact)?
  • When to beef up your health and/or life insurance?
  • How to identify major or potential sickness of your potential partners or employees (to help you with marry or hiring decision)?

“Applied Bazi: Sickness Forecasting and Management” course has:

  •  600 case studies (hard to find even in Chinese books/ courses)
  • demonstrations of speed chart reading with visual color charts for easy learning
  • 33 hours interactive HD video (92 video segments, most are 30 minutes or less)
  • Extensive references materials and cheat sheets are provided for rapid learning
  • a reference manual/ a case studies manual (over 750k keystrokes total)
  • software programs

Course objectives:

  1. life/ bucket list planning
  2. health insurance planning
  3. life insurance planning for businesses and individuals
  4. health and sickness monitoring/ managing
  5. some metaphysical cures/ remedies to mitigate the sickness
  6. enhancing reader’s Bazi reading skills
  7. predicting major misfortunes (severe sickness could also mean major misfortunes if sickness does not occur)
  8. a must for TCM and medical professionals to diagnose if a sickness is “pre-heaven” (born with or destiny) or “post-heaven” (environmental and personal choice).

It will take at least 15 days if this course is taught in live seminar and costs US$7000+ in tuition alone, not to mention airfare, hotel costs and lost wages. It is also impossible to cover 600 case studies in a live seminar too.


Professional version:   US$1999   (plus shipping)

— with 33 hours video/ 600 case studies/ 2 manuals

Special Introductory price:    US$1499   (offer ends at July 31, 2017)

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  • Has taken at least one basic Bazi course or read a Bazi book
  • Knows how to find the binomial of a date and specific hour (read the manual or use the Mini-bazi Calculator program enclosed)
  • Knows how to calculate daymaster strength or favorable element (yong-shen/ “useful god” of a chart.

For more detailed info like “Table of contents“, DVD menus and video screen captures, click HERE.

Ken Lai