one_womanMan4Most if not all women want a “one-woman man” as their spouse.  While “one-woman man” probably becomes an endangered species,  you may get lucky if you find a man with some of the following Bazi characteristics in his natal chart.  For our male readers here, you may get a “sudden enlightenment 頓悟” if you read this article from the beginning to the end without skipping anything (no enlightenment if you cheat).

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For single woman, grab the guy if he has any of the following Bazi features:

1. +wealth (zheng-cai) sits in spouse palace:  +wealth stands for wife for male chart.  When wife star sits in spouse palace, it is considered a perfect star and palace match and means this male only loves this woman.  The probability of getting this guy is 1/60– Wu-earth DM with zi-water as +wealth.  Wu-zi DM is usually NOT poor!  But you need to make sure there is no -wealth (pian-cai, stands for mistress) in other pillars before betting yourself to this guy.  The following four day-pillars are the “runners-up” with hidden +wealth in spouse palace:  jia-wu, ji-hai, xin-hai and ren-wu.

2. output (shi-shen) sits in spouse palace:  -output is the original producer of +wealth.  When -output sits in spouse palace of a male chart, it means this man will wholeheartedly love, nurture and give-in to wife’s demands, including the unreasonable ones.  The probability of getting this guy is 1/6.  Here are the day pillars that have -output in spouse palace: Bing-chen, bing-xu, ding-chou, ding-wei, wu-shen, ji-you, geng-zi, xin-hai, ren-yin and gui-mao.  Like in #1 above, make sure there is no -wealth (mistress) in other pillars.

3. Daymaster (DM) combines with +wealth:   +wealth stands for wife for a male chart.  When +wealth combines with DM, it means the couple gets along well and loves each other with a trusting relationship. The probability of getting this guy is less than 1/12.  Here are the DMs that will combine with +wealth (zheng-cai)–Geng-DM with yi  as +wealth;  bing-DM with xin, ren-DM with ding, jia-DM with ji and wu-DM with gui.  You may notice these men are all yang DMs. 

4. No combination in spouse palace:  Day-stem represents the man in a chart.  Day-branch represents his psyche and also spouse palace.  When day-branch has no combination with other branches, it means DM is likely a faithful husband with no association with other females.

Of course, you also have to check other pillars to see no other woman/ women is/ are in the chart,  if this guy jinxes wife or not, if he can be rich, if he will run into major life-threatening events in next 20- 30 years……. before placing your bet on the guy.  If you need help, take the following course:

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POSTSCRIPT:  This article is posted in advance in my Bazi groups.  A student asks me for the Bazi characteristics of “one-man woman“.  It is already embedded in this article– the opposite of the characteristics from #1 to 3.  #4 is applicable to both sexes.

Ken Lai

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