On June 13, 2017, a white dog was hit by a car and died on the road in China’s Nantong City of Jiangsu Province.  The deceased dog’s friend, a black dog, had pulled it from the busy traffic to roadside and tried to “revive” it by shaking and pulling the dead body.

Dog is the best friend of any species. The video below speaks volumes: (viewer discretion: may be offensive to some).  If you cannot see the video, click this link:


Only a few days ago, also in China, a report of a gruesome death of a Henan woman hit by two cars in less than a few minutes due to “bystander effect” is released.  Over 40 people and cars had passed by the victim after she was hit by the first car– had not done a thing to help the victim.

Below is the link for the video (viewer discretion: may be offensive to some).


Chinese netizens who knew about this bystander incident, after watching this dog video,  have commented:

“Seeing this (video), the contrast makes humans ashamed of themselves” 对比让人生愧

It is too bad the Henan woman car victim had not raised a dog“. 河南那被撞的女子,可惜没养条狗。

“In reality, some people are not measured up to a dog”.  现实生活中,有些人真的不如狗!

From now on, Chinese is not qualified to insult animals“. 以后中国人再没有资格侮辱禽兽

RIP Ms. Ma the car victim

RIP White dog!

Ken Lai



love_rival4This article shows the characteristics of Bazi charts that are likely to have “love rival” or competition and when this rival will show up.  Rival also means spousal affair if you are married.

If you are not familiar with Bazi terms, log into bazi-calculator.com and key in your birthday to find out your daymaster (in the day column) and the terms listed below.

Male natal chart with numerous peer stars (bi-jian/ jie-cai) is prone to love rival.  Peer stars stand for competitions for your girl friend or wife.  This is especially likely to happen for yang daymasters like jia, bing, wu, geng and ren (i.e. male born in these days).  The chance of rivalry increases if this is also a strong male DM.  This rivalry is likely to happen during DM’s peer luck  (bi-jian/ jie-cai) periods.

love_rival3Female natal chart with numerous output stars (shang-guan/ shi-shen) is prone to love rival.  Output stars stand for pressure and jinx for boy friend or husband, resulting in him running away or going for other women or affairs (if not jinxed to death in extreme case).   This is especially likely to happen for women with strong +output stars (shang-guan) due to her strong personality.  Female yin daymasters like yi, ding, ji, xin and gui are more likely to have love rivalry.  The chance of rivalry increases if this is also a weak female DM.  This rivalry is likely to happen during DM’s output luck  (shang-guan/ shi-shen) periods.

Love rivalry or affair can happen to people who are do not fit the above parameters, even with stable love or marriage.  This may happen when 10-years-luck or annual luck pillar clashing DM’s day branch (spouse palace) or peer star combining with this branch.

Another possibility of love rivalry happens when a male DM’s wealth star (i.e. zheng-cai/ pian-cai; wife) or female DM’s power star (i.e. zheng-guan/ qi-sha; husband) is combined away by luck pillar.

Ken, is there any remedy or prevention measure available?”

Yes, consult your teacher or take these courses:

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